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Marlins Relish Shot To Make Amazin's Sleep With Fishes


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Marlins Relish Shot To Make Amazin's Sleep With Fishes


The Marlins would love nothing more than to dance on the Mets' postseason dreams this weekend. They have built a rivalry with the Amazin's, and after capping last year's historic Mets collapse, they'd love to pull an encore - and close Shea Stadium out on a losing note in the process. After beating personal whipping boy Mike Pelfrey 6-1 last night (the fifth time they've defeated the Mets in five starts by Pelfrey against them this season), Florida is on the verge of doing just that.


"Absolutely, it's huge," said Marlins first baseman Mike Jacobs, a former Met. "We definitely got a good little rivalry going over the last couple of years with them. There's a lot of ins and outs we've got going with them, so we definitely want to send them home.


"We obviously want to send them home just like we're going to get sent homer. It'd be nice to be a part of the team that played the last game here."


Last year the Mets were tied with Philadelphia atop the NL East when the Marlins came to Shea and beat them in the season-ending series, a series that included a fight in the penultimate game and Tom Glavine allowing seven runs and retiring just one batter in the finale.


This time, the Mets came in a game behind the Phillies in the division and tied with the Brewers for the wild card, and the game had the same sad vibe.


"It feels exactly like it. It's a big motivation," said Jacobs. "I'm sure they're motivated, but I think we're probably a little more motivated than they are. We know we're going home. If we can send them home it'd even be better."


Jacobs may be motivated to beat the team that traded him, but he's hardly the only Marlin out to play spoiler. After their game against the Nationals was rained out Thursday, they began planning for their trip to Shea.


"Guys started talking about how exciting it was last year to come in and knock them out of the playoff race," said catcher John Baker, who went 2-for-3 with an RBI and run scored. "We've got two games left and then we go home and we're trying to take as many people home with us (as we can.)"


Rookie righty Chris Volstad, who held the Mets to one run in six strong innings, said the Marlins relish their chance to knock out the Mets and close Shea on a losing note.


"We knew all that coming in, we talked about that," he said. "We're shooting for something like that. The Marlins did it last year. I wasn't up for that, but it's pretty good doing that. If we do it again I'll get to experience it. We'll see."

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