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Brewers win WC


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Since there one for most of the div winners on here i fiured why not and i wanted to post this since i thought it was funny got it from the brewers board.


(AP) Bristol,Connecticut


ESPN is reportedly preparing to announce that the Major League Baseball Playoffs might contain as many as FOUR midwestern teams. This stunning blow to their east coast bias puts a damper on what is usually a hectic and happy time of year at the network.


Many staffers had to be talked off a ledge at the network's Bristol headquarters after today's Mets loss which means no New York team will be fawned over and promoted on the network's Sportscenter shows this fall.


"Thank God for Boston and even Philadelphia," one network executive said. "Or else there would be nothing to live for...except perhaps Erin Andrews."


ESPN plans to mention on all their broadcasts that both teams from Chicago,Milwaukee and Minnesota have a chance to be in the elite 8. Having to mention midwestern teams has long been frowned upon at the network and staffers have spent the afternoon googling maps and trying to determine the exact locations of the ballparks these teams play in each year as well as rosters and photos.


"We THINK we know Wrigley Field and one park is named after beer...that's all we're sure of right now."


The network apologized to viewers on the eastern seaboard for the admittance of the midwest teams and say that they will make every effort to stuff the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies down the throats of the nations baseball fans despite the fact they are the sport's only 2 eastern representatives.


"We have someone grocery shopping with David Ortiz right now for an in depth feature about what a man eats before a playoff game. It should be riveting."


It was mentioned that the Rays might be considered an eastern team but this just brought a smirk, a head shake and a quick exit from a programming exec.

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