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AZ Fall League Rising Stars Game


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3 marlins have been named to the roster for the rising stars game that will take place this friday - went a couple years ago and there were some really good prospects in that class including braun and ellsbury


sean west is one of the pitchers named, which comes off a strong start last night (5 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 3 SO, 1 BB)


logan morrison & john raynor also made the cut


complete rosters here




a lot of guys will not see action - especially when each side is bringing 11 pitchers

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logan had a rough game at the plate, but flashed a little potential with the glove


overall an interesting game - phil hughes had a rough outing while tommy hanson continues to look like the real deal


logan posted an 0-fer tonight, including coming up in the 9th in a tie game, working the count 3-1 before putting a popup behind the plate and then a high popup to end the inning - everyone got to hear him drop an f'bomb


the mets reliever blew the game, which was kind of poetic


raynor didn't play


west had an interesting night - walked the first guy on 4 pitches, struck out the next guy on 3, walked the next on 4, struck out the next on 3 and then struck out the next on 4 - he only pitched that one inning, he then tried to take a curtain call and tip his hat to the crowd and then waved them off as he got no reaction

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