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2010 NBA All-Star Game to be played in Cowboys' new stadium


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2010 NBA All-Star Game to be played in Cowboys' new stadium




04:18 AM CDT on Wednesday, October 29, 2008



By EDDIE SEFKO / The Dallas Morning News


The 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend is coming to Dallas. And Arlington.


The Mavericks and Cowboys are planning a Thursday announcement that the All-Star Game will be played at the new football stadium in Arlington. A source said that NBA officials will be in Dallas on Thursday, when the Mavericks play their season opener. Most of the ancillary events for the All-Star weekend would be at American Airlines Center.

The Mavericks have been working with the Cowboys and the NBA for several months in an attempt to land the 2010 game. Owner Mark Cuban confirmed to The Dallas Morning News in May that the Cowboys and Mavericks were working on a combined bid for the game.

Cuban previously had resisted all overtures about bringing the league?s midseason extravaganza to Dallas because most of his season-ticket holders would have no chance of seeing the game because the league eats up virtually all of the tickets in an NBA arena for the game.

However, with the Cowboys? stadium capable of seating perhaps 50,000 for a basketball game, all of the season-ticket holders could be accommodated.

The Mavericks hosted the All-Star Weekend in 1986 at Reunion Arena. The game has been played at football stadiums before, most recently in 1996 at San Antonio?s Alamodome and 1989 at Houston?s Astrodome.

This year?s All-Star Game is at Phoenix.


This got me wondering why we never get an ASG here in Miami. The last time we hosted one was in 1990. What the hell gives? I wanna see a dunk contest and three point shootout live, dammit!

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