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The Perry Hill Factor


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Perry Hill, the returning first base coach in 2011 may turn out to be the biggest acquisition of the off-season. With the expected switch of Chris Coghlan to third base, Hill is needed more than ever. For the Marlins to be a legitimate contender, the Marlins need to shore up the defense and stop giving the opposition so many extra outs. They need to help their starters go deeper into games and help their bullpen hold down games without needed excess pitches day in and day out.


Something that caught my eye and may not be known by many is that Hill turned the Pirates' defense into the top defense in the league despite their horrid record during his time there. While Hill's talent is long known, that speaks volumes of just how much of an effect he can have. Every infielder should improve under Hill. It's not exaggerating to say Hill's influence could be the difference between a losing season and a playoff run. Just think of how many games the Marlins handed to the other team on a silver platter in 2010. Imagine if even half of those went the other way.


The Marlins' needs are well known. The team needs a catcher, several relievers, possibly a starting pitcher or two and a huge question mark named Cameron Maybin in Centerfield. All these needs are glaring and will impact the team but when is all said and done, it may very well be Perry Hill who decides the Marlins' fate in 2011.


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