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For Sale: Florida Marlins Ave Street Sign


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I remember there used to be a "For Sale" forum but I don't see it anymore so wasn't sure where to post this but oh well.


I got one of these a year or so ago: http://www.amazon.co...S/dp/B0001LSI3O and don't really want it so looking to sell it. It's still wrapped in it's original wrapper and everything, it had been doing nothing more than sitting in my closet since I've gotten it.


It's 40 dollars on Amazon, so I'll sell it for 30 since it's still like new. Amazon's shipping for it is 11 dollars, so I imagine it costs about that to ship it. If you live in either Jacksonville, Gainesville, or Beverley Hills (Or, you're willing to go to one of those locations to pick it up), you can just pick it up and won't charge shipping (If you live in/picking it up from Gainesville or Beverly Hills, it might take a bit before I can get it there though).


If you want pictures let me know. It's 6 inches by 36 inches and weights 3 pounds.


Through Paypal (Unless you're picking it up)


PM if interesting. Thanks :)




Ending up taking pictures for Craigslist anyway.




Also makes for good air guitaring!

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