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I'd like to add a few new writers to the talented staff that produces material for the main site currently. This site is visited by over 400,000 unique visitors a month. In addition, our longevity since 1993 has made us known worldwide as the number one place to find Marlins fans and material.


Now you have your chance to add your own material to the site and have it seen by all those visitors. Also, as this site is a partner of Fox Sports nowadays, your material has the opportunity to appear on the Fox network of sites as well.


This is non-paying but it is full of rewards. Besides the aforementioned exposure for your material, you will have a fantastic new addition to your resume. You will also be in line for possible credentials and interview requests with the minor league affiliates of the Marlins. This has occurred a number of times already with previous writers.


Please email me at Admin[at[marlinsbaseball.com if you are interested in discussing this opportunity further. Thank you.

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