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Spring Training Tickets


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I live in Jupiter, where the Marlins spring training is taking place. 


I used to have a friend who worked for the Ford dealership, and every year they would give away free tickets for right above the marlins dugout (these games were almost always completely empty, 70% + of the seats are empty and tickets go to waste). So I would always catch a few games with him. He no longer works there and I haven't heard of any other avenues for tickets. 


I figured what the hell, I'l just buy tickets this year.  


For a decent seat, they want 50+ bucks per person. I'm sorry, but I pay a fraction of that to go to the actual stadium and Roger Dean is always completely empty, especially for during the week games which are still so expensive. 


Am I missing something? Do you guys know of any ways to get spring training tickets besides ticketmaster? 



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