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NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year


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Who do you think is the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year?


I think Nick Barnett has been easily the Defensive Rookie of the Year. 100+ Tackles, 2 Sacks, and 3 INT. Especially since everybody said he was a bad pick for the 1st Round and that he wasn't better then E.J. Henderson (Minnesota), Boss Bailey (Detroit), Lance Briggs (Chicago) and Terrell Suggs (Baltimore).

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Nick Barnett is the winner here.....



only man even close is Charles Tillman, he's been a shutdown corner for the bears, although he didn't start the first few games due to the inadequacy of the bears staff. But Barnett has shut it down for the Pack all year, and without him, it is my opinion that the Pack's d would be struggling significantly.

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The thing I find ironic is that all of the choices up there besides Suggs are from the NFC North.


And I truly went through all of the Rookie D stats and Barnett, KWilliams, Briggs, Tillman, and Bailey are all in the division known for NOT PLAYING DEFENSE.


And its true to.


Without Barnett who is already a dominant LB the Pack would definitely be lacking.


But I just count my lucky stars that I have him.


But don't forget the other All Pros on the Packer Defense like...


Darren Sharper (FS)

Mike McKenzie (CB)

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (DE)


And the Packers D has went from 29th in the league to 19th so their on the rise, we have the 11th best Run D right now and 23rd Pass D but we were at 30th in Pass D.


All of that really attributed to Barnett and the LB's (Diggs and Navies) playing great football. Amazing what a difference 1 Player can make. But the Packer D with 4 All Pros is definitely on the rise.


Especially with other key players like Grady Jackson, Gilbert Brown (my boy!), Cletidus Hunt, Na'il Diggs and sometimes Al Harris.


But really the defense's success in the 2nd Half of the year is mainly Barnetts doing.


Now for Offensive Rookie of the Year...

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