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Is Koch available?


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Barry Bonds has also shown you can get better with age. And while we're at it, wouldnt Koch be a possible candidate to get better with age too?


I am not against signing Levine, but I dont see it happening - anymore than we sign/trade Koch. I think you can make more of an argument to go after Koch though, and that is not the question of this thread. But, what else would I expect from Sorianofan...

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still want Koch?


Billy Koch RHP CHW Signed Jan 2003 - 2 years/$10.625M

2003: $4.25M

2004: $6.375M

-2004 salary rises to $6.5M if he finishes 65 games in 2003

Not at that price - and that answers my question (see thread title) - he is not a FA. For some reason, I thought he was. he is available though

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Jayson Stark seems to think Koch will end up with the Mets:


Now that they've signed Mike Cameron, the Mets will turn to their next objective -- finding a closer. They've talked to free agent Ugueth Urbina. But indications are that they're more likely to trade for either Billy Koch or Scott Williamson. And if we were betting men, we'd bet on Koch, given his connection (from Oakland) to new pitching coach Rick Peters.

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