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Turns out the Vikings have been pretenders all along.


Losing 6 of their last 8. And now if the season were to end today the Pack would win the division.


Heres the tiebreaker on that....


Head to Head: 1-1 Advantage: Tie

Divison Record: (GB) 4-2 (Min) 4-2 Advantage: Tie

Games Against Common Opponents: Packers- vs. SF (W), at. Stl (L), at. SD (W) Vikings- vs. SF (W), at. Stl (L), at. SD (L)

Advantage: Packers


So finally after the 3rd Tiebreaker the Packers get the lead.


Heres the NFC Playoff Matches...


NFC Wild Card:


(6) Minnesota Vikings (8-6)


(3) Carolina Panthers (9-5)


(5) Dallas Cowboys (9-5)


(4) Green Bay Packers (8-6)


Playoff Bye's


(2) Philadelphia Eagles (10-3) *- at. Miami 12/15


(1) St. Louis (11-3)


Seattle again kill themsevles with todays road loss, and the road losses to Minnesota and Green Bay which costs them big time playoff tiebreakers.

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I know. I'm not trying to sound like an a** there.


But things are getting interesting.


Especially with the Packers, Vikings, Cowboys and Seahawks in the Wild Card Race.


Assuming Minny loses to KC and beats Arizona thats 9-7.

Green Bay Wins out against Oakland on the Road and Denver at home thats 10-6 give Green Bay the division.


Then if Dallas Wins out which GB and Min want to happen then whoever loses the NFC North between GB and Min have a head to head tiebreaker over Seattle (GB beat Seattle 35-13 in Week 5 and Min beat Seattle 34-7 last week).


Really though it looks like this is how it will be in the NFC....


1- Philadelphia

2- St. Louis

3- Carolina

4- GB/Min

5- Dal

6- GB/Min

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