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The repair of media & fan relations


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Another aspect going forward is how are they going to repair relations between themselves & the local and national media, and also the fan base ? Will we finally get to see players at venues around town ? On local sports shows ? on morning radio shows ? etc.


Loria was such a fool when it came to this, I still think, a very crucial area of fostering potential revenue for your team. I know he hated being criticized by local media. But the local media blackout was a move that cut his nose to spite his face : It made no sense. Why not just bite your tongue and do whats best for your franchise & financial future. I'm willing to bet he lost at least $50 million in total over the last 6 years (or longer) since he started by losing potential ticket, parking, clothing & concessions sales, just because his players & coaches couldn't be seen or heard on local TV or radio. When people don't see or hear from you, they forget you, and then they don't think of you and most certainly don't buy any of your products. 



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That's a rather bold question.


hahaha I see what you did there. But seriously, I think this is something they need to do, and so far its been crickets. I haven't seen or heard from a single player or coach on any of the local media. Hell I haven't seen even Jeter outside of the initial run on some of the local media outlets. Is his "shyness" right now due to the "Stanton" stuff ?



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