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Book writing advice?


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Hey all- I'm doing research to write a book (non-fiction, sports) and I was wondering if any of you knew how to "start" the process of writing a book i.e. publishers, agents, etc? I could probably buy a book telling me how, but this seems easier. I've looked online for agents and stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had any hints or "in's" they could help me with. Thanks.

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I write a lot of fiction but I usually do is start with of course outlining what I want to write about and then maybe spending a few days just researching one of those topics and then just continue with all those in the outline until I can state facts off the top of my head about them.


I then start writing an intro and after that I'll probably write another one to compare. Usually the intro will tell you where your going to take yourself. Then re edit your outline to what you think fits best and what may not and go from there.


Always re read afterwards and it's always good to write two versions of each just so you have something to compare. Of course have others read and after your done just start handing out excerpts(sp) to various people who's work involves your topic.

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