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Guest marlins02

what a game, i was listening to it while i was playing ps2. what a great comeback after saturdays loss and on the road. tommorow we get those damn knicks again.

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Only if he could do that more often....


Well at least finish with an average of 19 pts 10 reb and 4 assists per game for the season and I would be extremely happy with that.

id be fine with that cause hes on my fantasy team :thumbup :whistle Yeah I think most Heat Fans would accept the signing better if he averaged that or if we made the playoffs.

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all i have to say is we are 7-3 in the last 10.........


we are 5 games under 500.....


and the best playa on our team is a rookie.....


I cant wait for the knicks again..... now they will get to see D.W aka Dark Wing Duck.....


f*** it! gotta come up with a nick name 4 da best playa on our team.......



imagine if we neva got off that 0-7 start?????


prob could have been #1 in our sry a** divsion.....


even thou the Wizards dont have Areans and Stackhouse

or 76ers dont have IVY

or knicks dont have a true point guard

or Jersey is just inconsistant......



who knows we are only 3 and half back 1st place......


i like our chances


and if the playoffs began today we would be 1 game out of the #8 seed

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