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Minervini Stalker Arrested


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Reporter's Stalker Captured in Buford


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Last Modified: 2/14/2004 12:51:39 PM



The Gwinnett County Sheriff?s Department Fugitive Unit arrested Friday night a man wanted for stalking an NBC Channel 6 news broadcaster in Broward County, Fla.


George Christopher Livingston, 37, had been contacting the female reporter repeatedly through emails, phone calls and letters. In his correspondence, he asks that she call him, makes sexual innuendos and states in one that he will, "Come down by Valentine's Day to settle what they started."


The reporter had never met Mr. Livingston, and he had been told not to contact her again.


Authorities with the Miramar Police Department contacted Gwinnett deputies with the Fugitive Unit after learning Mr. Livingston was residing with his mother in Buford. The Miramar Police Department had obtained warrants against Mr. Livingston for aggravated stalking.


While the two law enforcement agencies were on the phone about the case, he emailed the reporter again from his Buford residence.


When deputies arrived to arrest Mr. Livingston a short time later, he was still online but not with the victim. Gwinnett deputies interviewed Mr. Livingston at the request of Florida officials. Mr. Livingston admitted to the correspondence but said the sexual innuendos were taken out of context.


Mr. Livingston has an extensive criminal history and was released from a Florida prison last year for aggravated stalking. He is being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center until he can be extradited back to Florida.


Ms. Sugalski is married to a fellow reporter, Craig Minervini and has three children.

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