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Smackdown! Thoughts


Nice Angle/Cena bit at the beginning, to put over the U.S. title match and Eddie's win....Bashams? Bah, I thought he'd announce TWGTT as Cena and Angle's opponents. Decent enough match. So much for the Bashams going away following Shaniqua's demotion....Awesome celebration for Eddie's title win. Predictably, Chavo comes out to wine, though I don't have a BIG problem with that....Hey, Big Show won! That may be one of the few times I'd actually WANTED him to win....


What's with Cena and "frickin'"? That's not edgy....Wasn't Orlando Jordan around last week when Angle was laid out? And now again this week with Chavo Sr.? So it was him all along :mischief2 ....Cool Lesnar interview. Of course, on his knees, looking up to the heavens and praying to--Vince? Yeah, I guess that makes sense....Good main event match. Man, that look in Angle's eyes was creepy. Decent beat-down, too. It's interesting how he just KNEW Paul would pick him to be ref after Chavo Sr. was knocked out.

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why do they keep showing Raw highlights though?

I guess "technically" Undertaker is a Smackdown wrestler, and they're assuming whats going on with Kane is 'Taker's doing. i love on the new cover of WWE mag or whatever it has Taker's old logo


yet Kane still doesnt believe he is back



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