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Millionaire Leaderboard


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OK, here's the special leaderboard I created just for us for Super Millionaire.


Go here to the Millionaire homepage and click on Enhanced TV in the upper left. On the next screen, click the Launch Enhanced TV button.


After you're connected to the game, click Leaderboard in the top left corner, and then click Join/Create group. You may have to sign in to get to the leaderboard (if you're registered with ESPN.com or ABC.com, just use your sign-in for those to access the board; if not, you'll have to sign up with the Enhanced TV).


Here's the leaderboard name and password:


Leaderboard: marlinschamps

Password: beckett


No caps anywhere.


Hope to see you there! I'll be here before the show starts, so any problems post here and I'll try to help you quickly.

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Well, I wanted to know because I'm trying to watch Average Joe at the same time. Oh well, just can someone be posting when a new question comes up so I cna switch? Thanks.


BTW, I'm Fan228031

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Final stats for Monday night:


1 jmenjes 1,987,600

2 ramp101 909,100

3 MarlinsFans46 852,100

4 masterchief44 387,750

5 Fan228174 99,000

6 Fan228385 49,500

7 Fan228031 0

WTF it trashed all my points


Ehh I played like garbage anyways.....let's see what I can do tomorrow

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