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Lazy As* Parents Are taking Away My Rights


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Lazy Ass Parents Are Taking Away My Rights


Every day another freedom is being stripped away from me. Whether it is a right to hide a hand gun under my pillow, an assault rifle in my closet, or listen to or watch hardcore sex on television it makes no difference. These innate rights are inherently part of a democratic system. However, leftist and rightist love to take away our rights for the sake of their own agendas. Leftists want to create a state without gun ownership so the government and criminals can run wild and there is not a thing you can do about it. Rightists believe that there religion is somehow real and that it is their duty to enforce their morals in any way possible. Well, I do not care what there agenda is, they are taking away my rights.


First let us talk about guns. We Americans are a violent people that shoot each other up at rates higher than any other country. Sure, countries like Switzerland and Canada have a whole load of guns and do not kill each other like us, but apparently leftists like to tell us that the amount of guns is the problem. WRONG. Guns are not the problem. Every adult male in Switzerland (military age I believe) is required to own a weapon. In Canada there is barely any murder and a whole lot of guns too.


What do I blame? Not guns, but large socioeconomic problems in America. There are poor people, there are problems within their (and everyone's) seperate society in America, and this equals violence in general. Take away guns and we would be killing each other at close if not a higher rate.


But how can I prove this? Well, there's a state in America that does not have quite so much socioeconomic disparities and it is called Alaska. In Alaska, almost every adult male owns not just one gun, but several. They are all packing heat and the local gun traditions are killing Mooses and shooting street signs.


However, when killing other people, there is an average of 25 killed per year. If these statistics reflected America's total population, America would average half the murders it really has, so obviously it is not the amount or availability of guns that leads to high murder rates, it is the fact that Americans love to kill people.




Well, what does this have to do with parents taking away my rights? The media loves reporting on how evil guns are and how some stupid kids shot each other. You know what I say? Good, it makes room for the part of the population that is not totally inept.


When my grandma was young, everyone knew where the gun was (8 siblings), but no one touched it because they had respect for their parents. In this modern day, you can tell your kid not to touch your gun, hide it somewhere really clever, put a gun lock on it, but the little bastard against your orders tears apart your room looking for your gun and gets the lock off. What the hell? If the stupid bastard had some respect, he would listen to you. However, he didn't.


So the kid shoots his friend. Well, guns kill things, do you ever see your parents cooking dinner with the gun? Kids are not dumb, they know what a gun does, they are just disrespectful a**holes. Okay, you have to be pretty stupid to not listen to your parents and shoot your friend with the gun. But is that the gun's fault? No, if you were a good parent who cared more about raising a kid properly than working two jobs to pay off your credit card bill and SUV lease. The result? Your kid would not be killing people! If you say something, the kid better listen, those are the rules and they are only not when you are not raised properly. It might be too late for me, but I am not going to tolerate crap from someone not as intelligent as I, my kid.


Bad parenting, which is essentially never being around and just caring about yourself more than disciplining children, breeds a generation of serial killers and nuts with assault rifles killing people for no reason. Again, I do not blame the gun, I blame lousy parenting and a crappy society. If we did not have guns, these guys would just take blades and start random slashings. Look at the numbers, Americans do every crime more than anyone else because we are a bunch of violent bastards with no respect for one another. Our disrespect is so great, we bomb other countries for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and when the whole world is against us we flip them the bird and do it anyway. Yes, we are that stupid and disrespectful.




Now enough about guns, let us talk about hardcore sex, cursing, and violence. All of these things combined make superb entertainment, like the Howard Stern Show, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, the show Playmakers, and Enemy At The Gates. However, we get stupid kids "wanting to imitate" the media ruining it for the rest of us. We have V-Chips in TV, limit free specch and it is STILL not enough! What the hell, if you were at home like a decent parent spending time with your kid, you would not have to worry about them hearing the Howard Stern Show or watching hardcore porn.


Seriously (about the Howard Stern Show), who are these guys really protecting. No one under the age of 15 really listens to it anyway and by then it is not anything new or risque. Do these people think they are so great that they are going to protect us from ourselves? What a bunch of a**holes. Furthermore, if a parent gets home at 6 o'clock and their lazy kid does nothing after school, there is three hours of television on that can "corrupt the kid's mind" when the parent is not around. Nothing is on three to six that will do that, unless Full House is dangerous.


The problem is that the parent comes home, doesn't spend time with the kid and the kid watches another television and sees "such things." You know what I say? One, miss or mister parent, it is your fault, and two, who cares? I mean, I think all of us are guilty of looking at naked people, cursing, and watching violent movies at a very young age. What kind of hypocrite thinks that none of these things possibly exist. I bet priests have a stack of pornos a mile high.


The preceding only shows the hypocrisy of the right, and I do not want them depriving me what freedom of speech guarentees me: hardcore porn and body count movies.


To sum it all up: society is the problem. Parents are lousy and make losuy kids that kill people, curse, and have sex. Do not deprive people things that they are entitled to because you are a bad parent; it is not your right.



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My mom grew up on a farm in East Tennessee. There were guns all over the place. Rifles and shotguns. My uncles and grandpa would go out back and hunt. The guns stayed in this gun case (the key was left in the lock, or placed on top of the gun case...it was only locked 'cause the door would open, and get in the way), and were easily accessible. Not one instance of someone potentially getting hurt by a gun. One learns at a rather early age that guns kill people, and that is bad.


Parents just have to put some effort in.

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I'm not very materialistic, but one of my dreams is to own a MG42 and a MP44, my two favorite weapons ever.


Unless my elbow gets better, I'm never going to own a firearm for protection reasons, but I'm certainly not against it.



MG42, fastest firing machine gun of WW2.



Strumgewher, storm rifle, or "assault rifle" the very first. Made in 1943, christianed in 44, easily the scariest hald held weapon of WW2.

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assault rifles are illegal. But that situation is easily remedied. An AK 47 is technically not an assualt rifle because it is technically semi-automatic. (that can easily be tinkered with to make it automatic). Anyway, actually, you can buy (in FL) an assualt rifle that is an antique (i forget the year) or if it is a replica.


Anyway, I'm more into shotguns and rifles (for hunting). I would like to own a .44 magnum though. I shot my uncle's...it's a cannon.

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Unless my elbow gets better, I'm never going to own a firearm for protection reasons, but I'm certainly not against it.

How'd you hurt your elbow, dear?


Were you firing your weapon too much? Ha! I used to do 70 pull ups a day because they feel awesome, but for fun i would pull all the way up to the bottom of my chest...yeah I was stupid. Combined with baseball related injuries my elbow gave in.

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I like that new crazy russian assault rifle from russia where the barrel moves in and out. that's sick.


I saw one of these on the discovery channel I think. Is it actually in service yet? They where talking about it being the best assault rifle in the world, but the poor ass russians couldn't afford to make enough of them for all of their soldiers. Got any sites with some info on this weapon.

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I actually like shotguns BECAUSE of the kick it gives. I don't know, it just feels more powerful, and it makes me feel special, because you gotta know how to hold a gun the right way...or it will hurt. If you hold it the right way, nothing happens...at all. Too many people "chicken wing it" or, as a friend of mine did....put his eye all the way up to the scope, when shooting a .270 (not a shotgun... .270 is the caliber of the rifle...good for takin down a deer), and *whap* his eyebrow gets all cut up.

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