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Dream Job Night 2


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Kelly was very professional and I thought he did great in Fact and Fiction.


Zachariah's top 10 was awesome and he sounded really natural but he really does have to work on his appearance. I'm all for uniqueness and everything but he looks like a homeless guy that hasn't shaved in months. iIt's not exactly appealing to viewers.


Casey looked really comfortable, I loved the Geico joke.

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Guest marlins02

you see, thats why i want to be behind the cameras. i dont like shaving.


i felt bad for alvin, he looked crushed when he was voted out.


the short guy was cool. i probably wouldve said something about lavar's redskins but that couldve caused me problems

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Alvin Williams was the worst I have ever seen


the girl and Chet Ankwe both sucked royal butt too


Casey, Zachariah, and Kelly were all very good

I couldnt agree more Zachirah is probely the best one there so far it should be intresting to see if he changes his look for it though.

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