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Beyonce's Backup Band Helps Foil Carjacking

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Beyonce's Backup Band Helps Foil Carjacking

Band Members Heading To Movie Witness Carjacking


UPDATED: 12:20 p.m. EST March 3, 2004


PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Singer Beyonce's backup band helped foil a carjacking Tuesday.


Police said Reynold Caleen, 91, was confronted by a knife-wielding Malcolm Clemons as he parked at a Walgreens Tuesday afternoon.


That was where Beyonce's band helped out. The men said they were on their way to see a movie, saw the incident and blocked Clemons with their minivan.


Clemons ran, and Beyonce's crew chased him in the minivan. A Walgreens employee tackled Clemons and the band members held him down, police said.


"You don't need to see something like that happen to someone older. We all have grandparents and stuff like that," Stewart said.


Police charged Clemons with armed carjacking and battery of a person over 65, a felony.


"(Clemons) said he knows right from wrong. He apologized. He says he's sorry for what he did to that old man," said Detective Jason Houston of the West Palm Beach Police Department.


Police said they think Clemons is sorry he got caught, and they don't believe his early defense claim of insanity. Clemons said voices told him "all kinds of things," leading to the alleged attack on Caleen.


Police said Clemens, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds, outsized the victim, but couldn't match the will of the witnesses outside Walgreens.


"This was some pretty good involvement from the citizens," said West Palm Beach police Lt. Mark Anderson. "It was pretty admirable what they did."


Clemens was being held without bond Wednesday morning at the Palm Beach County Jail, pending a first appearance in court.

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