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I don't see a thread about it yet, so I'LL start one:


Kane promo was allright, just the kind of stuff we've seen before....The 8-man tag was kind of a rush job, and seemed to accomplish little (other than the teams don't like each other, which I think most of us could figure on our own)....Christian's attack was well-done, BUT WHO WAS DRIVING THE GETAWAY CAR?!?!?....The new interviewee sucks based on facial expressions alone....The Rock/Hurricane/Coach stuff was good, but didn't really serve a purpose (I guess you could say they were picking upr from where the Rock/Hurricane stuff left off last time)....Try watching that 3 on 2 match with a Hurricane mark. I think he's scarred for life after that beating....Matt Hardy jobs again, film at 11....Poor Benoit. I can he show off if he's improved on the mic if he's given little chance to do so?....


Nice of Trips to break up the energy with a little monotany....Johnny Spade? I still don't care until they put him in the ring....ANOTHER short match with Molly beating Lita, with Victoria making the save....Surprisingly short promo from Austin....Why couldn't Hardy have gotten the cheap win over Jericho, and have Richards job to Benoit? Hardy has more long-term value than Stevie at this point, and doing another clean job wouldn't hurt Stevie as much as it continues to hurt V1....Call me sophmoric, but I was ROLLING with laughter over the last segment. Those guys work so well together....For a normal RAW, this was pretty good- for the last one before The Big One, it was only decent.

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i swear the kid said Johnny Blaze last week...

Yeah, he did....but I think that's a comic book character name (of course, writer Brian Gewirtz is a HUGE comic book fan, coming up with the Hurricane's gimmick and all), and instead of getting sued by Marvel, WWE just decided to change it.

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speaking of the Hugg favorite Women matches, why dont they just air them in fast forward that would compensate for the fact that Lita works in slow motion...

That match was still awesome thanks to the fact that Molly is such a bad ass. She could beat me up, I know that much.

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