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  1. Hard to believe that. Last year kinda proves who is to blame for this year. Even Don’s management has shriveled into a corporate feel now.
  2. Sure it’s Dons fault. But maybe management also reminded him to not use up his shhort resources because it could make them look even worse. Either way it’s all bull crap. I’ve never seen anything like it.
  3. Could be true to save face with Hill. You know what I mean. Just Imagine how difficult it will be to replace Ng with today’s media. Anyways, we’re screwed
  4. Fuggedaboutit. I had Cooper as my MVP and he made me look like a wise guy. I’ll bury that cockroach.
  5. We should just accept that Donnie Barasco and the FO prefer Isan & Dickerson (The fugazi’s) over Devers & Sanchez. Thats it....Bada bing bada boom. Fuggedaboutit!!
  6. You kinda lose a lot of value from BA in RF. Is his bat even worth moving out of 3B? Jazz stays at 2B for now. They should just DFA Berti, send Isan down and rotate Devers at 2B on rest days. Not a big deal when Devers bats LH. Why am I even doing this to myself...Devers and BA are injured and Don is the manager. Platoon Cooper/Duvall at RF. Cooperstown is to injury prone, he couldn’t last a game at 3B with his big league chew bulging out of his cheeks. He could spell for Aggy but I prefer Lewin at this point. Sanchez starting in LF, spelled by Dickerson on schedule days off. I’m all for moving Jazz down in the lineup. It’s not a knock on him, just think he would have better production. Not hot on Alfaro at 3rd. Your lineup grades out a A-\B+
  7. He’s definitely getting FO pressure. You can feel the political restraint in his tweets. It’s like hes being held hostage and informs through morse cording these days.
  8. Nah, we have a enough prospects already. We need established hitters to go with our youth. Sign Marte, get Gio Urshela and Contreras.
  9. That’s the whole plan. Report fake news (Devers injury) so Isan remains on the team. Just kidding, but it seems that way.
  10. Who wouldn’t. But seriously, just for Bryant, the price would be high. It would take Sixto + Burdick for him alone.
  11. Hard to mount up innings from the backend rotation if we don’t risk it or score runs.
  12. That’s kinda what they do. “the Braves, have the highest hard hit percentage (per fangraphs) at 32.8% and the highest flyball rate (36.7%). Interestingly enough they also have the highest softly hit rate (18.5%).”
  13. I would have preferred pitching to Fried in that situation
  14. Appreciate the breakdown. Don’t mind a 4yr contract if he isn’t budging at 3 yrs, but the base pay should go down significantly with it being front loaded with additional offensive incentives in the 4th year. This is conversational for me, nothing more. If they sign Marte for a higher price then that’s a start in the right direction
  15. I heard from the Braves commentary, that the mound visit in the 9th with 2 outs and a runner on 1st was to pitch around Albies putting Matzak to 2B. A single could tie the game just because Don wanted to walk Albies?
  16. 4/80 seems high. 17 per year front loaded is fair. Once his stats level out it will look like a slight over pay honestly. No trade clause if he requests with possible incentives.
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