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  1. Maybe it’s true. After a loss, Marlins fans are more inclined to get drunk. Maybe that’s what happened yesterday.
  2. Yeah, the spacing is not intentional. I’m guessing it has to do with the quote feature. No fault of its own. All fair points. We have a the luxury to be patient as well with these guys with a manageable payroll and with all the competition. That’s why I prefer to hold up on Lopez. He gives us breathing room for the youngsters to develop.
  3. We might even have more arms to deal if we so choose. Niedert, Garrett, Elieser and Castano come to mind. Not saying those players should be sent to Alcatraz, just pointing out how much depth we have right now. I’m not a fan of trading Lopez, just for the record.
  4. Hehe. That a typo mistake is all that was.
  5. The Marlins haven’t allowed a run in 13 consecutive innings. We can’t lose if they can’t score. Simple mathematics
  6. Yeah and if we sell near the .500 mark, it could cause those headlines. However, if the Mets or Braves take a commanding lead it could defuse it a bit. If we do sell, we should be closely competitive through the remainder of the season anyways after the trades. It would be more of a changing of the guard than rebuild. Those players are gone in 2022 so let’s get some returns. Of course the press is going to bait, they have a job to do. I think we should keep Cooper until the winter meetings then trade him. He’s still under control and we can net around the same return as th
  7. A 6th starter with Castano or Neidert could be in play to.
  8. You ever consider doing that to the Called it thread, Ol’ buddy ol’ pal.
  9. I never watched futurama. Just took a guess from his posture and hair style.
  10. My guess would be James Dean? I’m stumped on what drummer turned pop singer.
  11. Berti would be an ideal leadoff hitter as well. We really need a table setter. That COULD play a factor on who starts. Even though it’s early, the lineup feels like it’s in limbo from top to bottom although I think we have a the right pieces. Just need to set them in place.
  12. Brinson career spring training stats are frustrating. AB 208 BA .317 HR 14 RBI 36 SB 4 OPS .977
  13. Anybody know how many innings Wallach played behind the plate?
  14. Good to see Brinson and Bleday HR. Jazz is going to be great player.
  15. Gameday doesn’t simulate spring training games, just regular season.
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