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  1. If we lost today's game we would have had a worse record (30) wins, than the Reds (31) wins who are ranked 7.
  2. I think Hendricks will get the nod first. By Wednesday he will have had 7 or 8 days of rest. I agree, Darvish has been CY good. It's going to be fun.
  3. Harrison could've got the start, IDK. I think if we lost today's game we would have had to face the Braves not the Cubs? I'm not sure, maybe ol Donnie knew what he was doing.
  4. It's official, Marlins vs Cubs. Game starts on a Wednesday. This is what some of you wanted. A 2003 rematch. Looks like Sandy could be in line for the start. Wednesday's game gives him another day of rest.
  5. My pre post game presser, First, I would like to say, It was a distasteful joke on my part. I take full responsibility and in no way did I intend it imply any poster, especially to SITA. Furthermore I would beseech all the mods to over look my comment and not ban me altogether. Thank you!! ok, are there any other questions?
  6. Hmmm, I would say the one who doesn't approve of Mattingly. Oh wait, they all think the same.
  7. That caps off the season nicely for one poster. I won't name names.
  8. And let me tell you he's one sick puppy.
  9. Urena is da greatist off all pitches. Urena for president. Hope he gets complete game shut up today vs pin strippers.
  10. I linked the site further down in the thread. Good job on that wager.
  11. Sandy, he's been here since day one, anything else would probably cause criticism within the team. Sixto, Can't count on him yet in a elimination game. Lopez, has been clutch, finishing off crucial games this year.
  12. If we could bring back Stanton in 2026 to 2028 it would be a great deal lol.
  13. Samson can be brutally honest and humble at times. I like hearing his view points because he has exposed some of the past internal problems. I'm a bit bothered how one can be in his position for so many years knowing that us as fans are getting cheated on. He said he was doing his job, but it takes a stone cold corporate individual to do those things.
  14. I would like to thank you guys for accepting me, being newbie and all. I have always checked in to read the message boards, I believe in 2002 when Castillo went on his hitting streak, I would read the boards, it could have been the sun sentinel, I can't remember. Anyways, we all been through tough years not having a team that we can identify because what was good was taken away soon after. Im happy for everyone here. It's really a great group of posters. Go marlins!!
  15. The final score in 2003 was 4-3 win against the Mets to clinch the wild card. Just saying .
  16. You couldn't expect the Jays to be 2/1 odds if they played the Dodgers, just because it's the last two remaining teams.
  17. No, Odds are not calculated by how many teams remain only, but how good each team is and if they possess home field.
  18. Didn't Riddles mom post here, some years ago? I had an exchange with a poster the year we traded for Rodney, he seemed so defensive, in the back of my mind I thought it was David Samson lol.
  19. 300/1, That's far off from 1000/1 odds I posted from Vegas Sportsline. https://m.vegas.com/gaming/futures/world-series/ They had us dead last, flip flopping the Tigers & Orioles ahead of us.
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