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  1. So you refuse to commit to endorsing the brilliant strategy of hitting the ball where fielders aren't standing? No. I refuse to get into a childish argument with someone and his shower buddy that continues to lie about me. Which also means........ I'm done with a board that allows certain posters to harrass and spam other posters. There used to be rules of the board around here. Evidently they are either gone, or certain posters are allowed to do as they please. I'll take the higher road of other good posters, and just leave. Good luck.
  2. Only the Marlins are smart enough to think of that hitting strategy. Broncobob thinks its our secret weapon. Don't believe I voiced my opinion one way or the other. Just posted what the new hitting coach said. And during yesterday's game on TV, Hut and the other announcer said it.
  3. Perhaps that's why he's not hit a homer, as well. But hey, if he makes contact and can get on base at a nice rate, good enough for me. He's got good speed, so perhaps potential lead-off hitter. If that does happen, could put Yelich in the three hole and bat Stanton fourth. Just not sure who we'd put second, guess it depends on lefty/righty. He's also got 4 SBs this Spring with getting caught just once. Because I haven't watched the games and have no idea who all that was against, it may not be saying much. ML talent or minor leaguers? Just something to keep in the back of your mind.
  4. It's easier to pretend to agree with you than it is to argue and watch you do the 2 step around things when you are proven wrong so you never have to admit it. BTW Not under my skin at all. I actually openly laugh at the self importance and hypocrisy some show here.
  5. That's a pretty witless attempt at a retort even by your standards. Damn. And your opinion means so much to me.
  6. I'm starting to wonder if Yelich has a future at all now because both Wild Card and BroncoBob are not "worried" about him. Darn it. Once again I forgot to wait for you to tell us all what our opinion is.
  7. Maybe to all of the above. Trying to sign him right after the debacle of 2012 would have been counter productive. And I can't blame him for not wanting to talk long term contract now. Trying to force something on him right now would also be counter productive. It would be like telling him that him and his reps are too stupid to know what is best for him. We know better, so shut up and sign on the dotted line. Better to let him take his time and just see how things transpire. He knows he's getting another hefty raise again next off season no matter what. The real question is whether or not he wants to stay here.
  8. I'm not worried about Yelich, not even a little bit. I'm not either. He may just be one of those players that have bad ST's. Not sure if he will break camp with the team, but that may be a good thing.
  9. Back to the subject... Juan C. Rodriguez@JCRMarlinsbeat No RT @janewins1: Can u envision ANY way that R. Johnson won't make the 25-man. We really could use him off the bench. Looks like Juan is convinced Reed's already made the team. Probably Bogusevic odd man out, but it could be Ozuna since they're trying Yelich in CF recently... it'll be interesting to see. Read some comments from Red recently and it looks like Reed is breaking camp with the team. He's been having a good ST. Yelich, on the other hand, has not.
  10. Really? It's not that hard to figure out. The players suck--that what's why they hit the ball to the place where fielders are. It's like having our own Tim McCarver on the board. And yet basically the very same players are starting to do it. Amazing. And again, because it was so "conviently" ignored, it's what they are saying, not me. So go harrass the players and coaching staff. I'm sure they will say you couple of guys are too smart and cool for them, too. I'm done with the 5th grade remarks/mentality from you all.
  11. Who knew that would do the trick?! Hitting it where they ain't seems like such an easy concept. And it is. But show us where they have been doing that in this park that basically demands that kind of offense. Hasn't happened. Could be that the players have been trying to do too much. Inexperience at this level. Whatever. Bottom line is that they haven't been doing it. Now we are on our 5th hitting coach since 2010 and he is preaching it. It's not something I noticed, it's been well reported that's what he is going after.
  12. Just because they sucked at hitting last year doesn't mean that they weren't trying to hit the ball where fielders weren't. I don't know if you intentionally miss the point, just ignore it so you don't have to admit you were wrong, or just need a 10 year old to explain it to you.
  13. Pointing out the obvious is being a contrarian for no apparent reason. I guess that means I have to slam whoever some here don't like and never point out when he is doing well so I can fit in. Yea. That's gonna happen.
  14. Sounds like a completely new baseball strategy. Hit the ball where the defenders aren't. If you checked the stats from last year at home you would have to think to them it is a new strategy. Last place in nearly every offensive category? The real point was that if Salty is a gap hitter he should do fairly well here. Especially now that they are preaching this very method.
  15. Or you should look deeper into the situation and see that Salty is a line drive hitter that uses the gaps constantly. He will be absolutely fine at Marlins Park. The new hitting coach has been preaching using Marlins Park to our advantage. Hitting the gaps to get those doubles and triples, instead of swinging for the fences. The "one team" way of thinking. Quick look at ST stats to date seems to indicate that's what they are working on.
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