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  1. C'mon. Gotta give credit to Derek and Mike Hill. They've finally brought minor league baseball back to Miami. Their season attendance figure will probably manage to top any other minor league club in the country! Club ownership must be making money somewhere else so they can reduce taxable income by what they lose on the Marlins. What exactly did these two genuises get for trading Yelich, Realmuto and last month, the heart of their almost adequate bullpen. Alfaro, Brinson, Diaz, Sierra were not worth what was given up to get them, and the draft choices are years away ... if they ever
  2. Losing pitcher today should be listed in the papers as Derek Jeter, who traded away a passable bullpen for uncertain future prospects at least three years away, leaving team with no dependable relievers. He may be having fun, but no one else, including players and fans, are. This year, the Marlins will beat out all the other minor league teams in attendance. Problem is they play in the National League. But not to worry. Major league baseball's days in Miami are numbered.
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