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  1. The Marlins want to evaluate the young pitchers they acquired this off-season before trading one of them for a player like Gathright. That's an excellent strategy. Let's get them all into ST to help us rank them before making trades. This is the definite way to go. Although the winter leagues offer some good incite on our new talent, the players will play even harder in ST, because none have a guaranteed spot and are in need of making a good impression. Who knows, we might have a lot better starting 5 than we ever could have thought. We wouldn't want to trade that away for someone who hasn
  2. Im down for whatever is needed to save the marlins... i mean whatever lol
  3. bring it to tallahassee... we need somethin up here.. we pack every FSU game no matter what sport... we got 3 colleges here... thats a lot of college kids so as long as they serve beer at the game it will be sold out no matter what... plus it will be a lot easier getting money for a stadium here since it is the capital...
  4. there is a lot more we don't have... forget worrying about competiting next season.. in my mind, im pretending baseball is going on strike for a couple years.. at least till I see if they get a new stadium.. if they dont and get relocated, baseball will be extinct to me -One Happy Marlin Fan
  5. so pierre is gone now.. we will really see if they stop trading away players now.. by the way, does anyone who we have traded for that might actually make the majors next season? or am I gonna have to go the all the FSL League games to check em out....
  6. what a great article... someone make the writer the new President
  7. Everyday I wake up to seeing another Marlin gone.. Does anyone know when they will stop trading away good players and acquire some that might actually play in the major leagues next season? I am already sick to my stomach at seeing players like Luis Castillo, Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, and others who have been in a Marlin uniform for so long... When, if at all, will the bleeding stop??
  8. There is no excuse for what the Marlins are doing this offseason. I have been a fan since the beginning. One offseason firesale was enough and since the club PROMISED not to ever do that again, I put it in the past. But it's happening again and I will not just take it this time. I have given up on the Marlins. Anyone who is down to burn all their Marlins sh*t, lets make a date and do it in the parking lot at Dolphin's Stadium!
  9. hell yeaah.... i think i get to watch this one up here in tally... so cmon aj, we gotta beat clemens...
  10. Damn... That just sounds great... Wild Card Leaders... ha brings back good memories... Lets keep the trend going and win today.
  11. The batting will come through, like it has been doin of late, so Beckett's performance is going to be key.
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