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  1. Encanceracion needs to go. It was the same :censored in '03, mediocrity, mediocrity, mediocrity. Guy has no passion and no hussle, and to be fair - he deserves to be sitting a couple weeks after the swings we saw him take vs. LAA. Instead of mouthing off he should be at the batting cages with Bill Robinson. We as the fans need some relief as well, is the FO going to trade him already or sit his ass for the rest of the season? I hope its the former.
  2. Man I never get tired of watching AJ pitch... he has FILTHY stuff :o
  3. I don't think I've ever seen JP repeatedly go after the 1st or 2nd pitch. Isn't he supposed to work the count ;[
  4. 5 rookies starting for ATL... Time to bury the Braves in the cellar and bite on the heels of the Nationals. SWEEP! :marlins
  5. Is it me or has JP started pulling the ball a lot more since he hit that HR in Colorado? It seems to me like the bloopers that usually fell for him are going just a little too far now. Maybe hes working out a little too much
  6. HI! First time caller long time listener, love the show! Anyways, lets get a good win today :bases_homerun:
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