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  1. Deep Purple was on in Toronto?? Damn i missed it
  2. wish you were here again on the global feed - CLICK ON IT!
  3. if you click on global feed you can watch floyd again
  4. NOOOOOOOO MORE MORE MORE Play all night if you want!!! PLEASE!!
  5. http://music.aol.com/live_8_concert/live_now
  6. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are they putting these wack announcers on? 837231[/snapback] watch the webcast man - no f*cking annoying mtv dickheads on.
  7. this is seriously badass
  8. Motley Crue performs 'Dr. Feelgood' live in Toronto!
  9. Roger should let Dave do the singing :lol
  10. This one goes out to Juany
  11. Dave Gilmour sounds GOOD!!
  12. Woo I can't believe Roger Waters is on stage
  13. When the average life span is in the early to mid 30s, you need more kids.
  14. MarlinFan253's 100% effective method of ending poverty: Stop having kids if you can't even feed yourself. That one's for free. I'll never understand why these people from poor countries will have 8 or more kids, or even 1 when they can't even feed themselves. It is sad, very sad. People need to preach better reproductive habits and common sense. 837191[/snapback] Where can you find a condom in all that sand? They're sure as hell not gonna stop having sex, would you? [/obnoxious]
  15. The Cure in Paris is pretty f*ing good :o
  16. Erm you guys are missing the Who on in London, Pink Floyd is next ! 837166[/snapback] Where is this available? 837171[/snapback] http://music.aol.com/live_8_concert/live_now The Who just finished their set, Pink Floyd's first show Live in 20 years up next :thumbup
  17. They can still rock though, Townshend might be better now than he was when they were in studio. 837181[/snapback] He didn't go nuts on his guitar
  18. MTV and VH1 picked up The Who! 837168[/snapback] I have absolutely despised their coverage. 837174[/snapback] Just watch the webcast, don't even tune in.
  19. Erm you guys are missing the Who on in London, Pink Floyd is next !
  20. Is Pete Townshend gonna break his guitar??
  21. Who are these guys again? They're pretty good!
  22. Keith Urban in Philly 837146[/snapback] looool :lol
  23. I think alot this has to do with some on here wanting Niner in the line-up so badly they want to get rid of our best OF. Niner isn't a RF he's looked horrible in his last start in RF, if we trade Juan its b/c the organization wants Hermida up with the big club not to put Niner in the line-up in RF JMO its amazing how fans want a player on there team to fail to see another in the line-up 837145[/snapback] 9ner is great in LF though :mischief2
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