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  1. Please... PLEASE. I understand that lying to a grand jury is lying to a grand jury, but you have to see the fundamental difference between lying about a sexual encounter - which is of no consequence to anyone but the president and his family, and Rove's lie, which put someone else's life in danger and ended their career? C'mon, don't give me this crap. Its absolutely ludicrous. Not to mention Rove's underling who lied through his teeth to the entire nation and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives because of it.
  2. Are you f*ing serious?? I'm flying to Miami on Saturday... UGH! :banghead
  3. Why would we trade for Sheff, he has said many times that he doesn't want to play more than maybe next season....I say we pass on this one unless they add some pitching to come along with sheff........ 840434[/snapback] We should trade for you since you're in the "Rockies minor league system" 840493[/snapback] Dude what are like 12 years old........i already proved that i am a Rockies scout unless your blind or can't read cause a article was posted from the Miami Herald which i was interviewed and if you wanna go ahead do some H.W. and you''ll find that i did play 2 seasons rookie ball out of Santa Fe......Also i retired in 2000 so i wouldn't be a good fit for the Marlins right now...... And by the way, were do you play 840507[/snapback] Aah i c,very cool..Sorry about that man..You retired because of your arm right? I'm not currently playing.. 840511[/snapback] LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :owned
  4. Before the slump, Mike Lowell NEVER EVER EVER EVER swung at the first pitch. NEVER. EVER. All of a sudden he's Juan Encarnacion. I have no idea what's going on in his head. :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead
  5. I don't know about respect, but he is literarily a GOD in the Cuban community. :thumbup Rafi has owned for a long long time. HOFer for sure.
  6. Jean Luc Picard says: Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. - Jean Luc Picard "Win Marlins Win. Make it so." -Jean Luc Picard :thumbup :marlins
  7. 7/5 Brew Crew vs. Your Florida Marlins - 7:05pm TV: FSN | Radio: WQAM 560, WQBA 1140 Chris Crap-uano (8-6) 3.38 ERA vs. Josh "Blisters? What Blisters?" Beckett (8-5) 3.14 ERA JUST WIN! :marlins
  8. Does encarnacion want to play for us any more than sheffield does? 840105[/snapback] HAH, great point! :thumbup
  9. A normally solid veteran is almost always given a chance to play out of a slump, but there seems to be more to it than that with Lowell...he's beat before he even steps into the batter's box. I think they need to sit him until the all-star break and see if that helps...Maybe a week+ off will turn things around for him...if that doesn't work, I don't know what will. 840095[/snapback] Seriously are we willing to piss away our season on this guy? He has cost us so many games with his pathetic performance. I for one am sick of it, if he wants to play in the Big Leagues he better act like it.
  10. Could he be playing injured? 840084[/snapback] Yeah, his head is injured.
  11. Usually I side with the players, but god damnit lowell. We should just start Easley from here on out, he may not be as good defensively, but he can't be worse offensivley. 840064[/snapback] I think we should just move Cabs to 3rd and use Conine to feel in for Cabs. Mike Lowell is really really hurting the team. 840067[/snapback] Not a bad idea, but Cabs' arm is valuable. 840069[/snapback] Cabs is a much better third basman than he is an outfielder, though. 840074[/snapback] My main concern is that eventually he's going to injure himself out there. Just look at what happened to Chipper. Cabs is much younger though, but he's not exactly fast out there. He'd make an awesome 3rd baseman.
  12. Lowell makes Bret Boone and Jason Giambi look like All Stars. 840065[/snapback] Its funny, because its the truth :confused
  13. If the D-Train is starting the AL doens't stand a chance :thumbup
  14. Yeah I just remembered his fielding errors that cost us that Mets game. I wish I could take my vote back now
  15. Cabrera - .423 AVG 2 HR 6 RBI .545 OBP 26 AB Cabs has 0 votes, I guess we've accepted this as an average week for him - lol...
  16. As much as Leiter and Lowell stunk it up out there this week, Delgado really takes the cake. He has cooled off significantly, but again, I think that had a lot to do with Lowell batting behind him - so I don't know how much of it is really Carlos' fault :confused . He shoulda done better though :thumbup
  17. Its gotta be THE CASTLE! He was awesome this week :notworthy
  18. I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised at all the positive responses and progressive attitudes, I didn't expect it at all. :thumbup
  19. Dude, Brett Boone started his career in Seattle and has been there for the past 5 seasons. The guy had an awesome year in 2001 when he almost won the MVP w/ Seattle. He was CRYING, during an interview - and theres NO CRYING in baseball. I felt like s*** watching that 'cos it reminded me of Mike Lowell so much. You can't say the guy doesn't care. :confused
  20. Brett Boone: YEAR G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB CS BA OBP SLG OPS 2005 74 273 30 63 15 3 7 34 24 52 4 2 .231 .299 .385 .684 Experience: 13 years 2005 Salary: $9,000,000 Age: 36 3 time all-star, Silver Slugger '01,'03, 4 gold gloves ('98,'02,'03,'04) Mike Lowell: YEAR G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB CS BA OBP SLG OPS 2005 72 265 27 58 23 0 3 32 20 35 0 0 .219 .272 .340 .612 Experience: 7 years 2005 Salary: $7,500,000 Age: 31 3 time all-star, Silver Slugger '03 To be fair, Mike is a younger guy, but the numbers are absolutely staggering. His numbers are actually worse than Brett's, from a guy and a position where better numbers are expected, and Brett has won FOUR gold gloves... I don't agree with what Seattle did by designating Brett for assignment, it was rash and unwarranted especially after all that Brett has done for that franchise. :nono But is Mike next? ouch. :no
  21. Geez... This bike thing is going a little too far. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen :lol
  22. I'm a dimwit, I actually mixed up the terms. What we currently have is nuclear fission, where we break the atoms to release energy - what they are working on is nuclear fusion, which is as you said it FM what goes on in the sun. Basically its taking Hydrogen isotopes and fusing them together to form heavier atoms such as Helium, and in the process of doing so releasing large amounts of energy in a much cleaner process with little waste to worry about. Here's the link: France gets Nuclear Fusion Plant Very interesting and exciting stuff, just think of the possibilities. The power of the sun at our command, well almost... It is exhilarating. And so is genetic research, and manipulation of DNA. It is possible and we've already had quite a bit of experience genetically engineering vegetables such as corn and tomatoes. We could potentially create larger easier, and faster growing food sources. Maybe even eliminate hunger? Just one of the many possibilities.
  23. ARE WE GONNA GET BEAT BY THESE GUYS?? HELL NO!!!!! :no :marlins
  24. YES! I'm so happy Louie made it!! He totally deserves it too. and BTW, its a CRIME that Cabs isn't starting, his #s are better than every other starting OF. Ridiculous.
  25. Also, we're not the only creatures in this world that have DNA. Let that sink in, and think of the possibilities...
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