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  1. Article Hate mail & reply 841901[/snapback] :lolup That is great stuff right there :thumbup
  2. The Iraqi war is terrible, and should not have happened. however, these soldiers who were put in there to do their jobs did not have say in whether or not to onvade, they just were doing their duties. And Sgt. Smith saved his men's lives. You can say he lost his life b/c of political incompetence, and thats fine, but he is a hero b/c he saved his men's lives. The Iraqi who shot him to save his men is also a hero. I think thats the thrust of what felo was saying. That war is not something to be glorified or for God to bless. I wont put words in his mouth, but if he is an unconditional pacifist, thats something he is entitled too even though I disagree. I think the whole problem with this war and other wars is that the war is mixed up with the soliders who act in it. Certainly some soliders go for the killing and others go because they must. But both sides of the debate have unnecessarily blurred war and its participants. Maybe the ultimate problem is that the need to use force is too blurry for absolutles yet the absolutists have ruled the day. 841873[/snapback] I was actually curious as to how you would respond to my post. Now im waiting for Felo. Problem is that no one should be an unconditional anything, as you said theres no room for absolutes, and it goes to the hawks as well as the pacifists. And when someone degrades and diminishes the bravery of a human being solely b/c you disgaree with the politics, you are being as bad as the people you are accusing. Medals and honor is propaganda? Well the media has launched its own propaganda campaign agains the war in iraq to try to pollute people's minds. they do this without showing the reality of what is going on ,they merely show grim statistics 841882[/snapback] Cangelosi, for the most part you seem to agree with me, and like F_M said you got the jist of what I was trying to say. I agree, I might have come off as an insensitive prick when I made the posts above. But I was merely trying to employ a little sensationalism to try and drive the point home and provoke some thought. Most Americans read this and think, "Kickass! Look at what this guy did" I was just trying to emphazise the duality of it all. No one ever seems to think about how these people have lives as well. I was also especially incensed by the "god bless this man" and "god bless America" comments, because if anything war goes against everything god stands for. Why would god bless such carnage? But these are topics for another discussion. By the way, yes I am fully aware of what happened in Rwanda, and of Rusesabagina 's story. He would definitely qualify as a hero under my previous post. But I am still not sold on the fight fire with fire rhetoric, because there is always another option. Sometimes those options fail, but its not quite as one-dimensional as you describe it. As far as the medal and the ceremonies go, don't you think that instead of receiving a medal, this boy would have preferred to have his father? I think so, I think the Sergeant would probably have wanted that as well. That's it for now.
  3. There have been little to no stats on how many Iraqis have died from the media. So its just not fair to blame the media because the American people are making their own conclusions. 841895[/snapback] Civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq: Min 22787 Max 25814 http://www.iraqbodycount.net/ American Military Deaths
  4. See how defensive you all get after such a small comment? I'm sure scientologists believe in that galactic ruler 75 millions of years ago with as much or more passion as any Christian does. I was just trying to illustrate how hypocritical it is to mock someone else's beliefs when yours might be just as incredible. I wasn't talking about the historical relevenace of any of it.
  5. And what? You fail to see how it is the same for the other side. Those people he killed, and that killed him were also sacrificing themselves to protect the lives of their fellow soldiers and countrymen. The same argument can be made that they are heroes, but you certainly wouldn't consider the man that killed the Sergeant a hero? Or would you? Using your logic you would, I suppose. Or maybe you suppose that they don't have families or friends, wives or children, they're just faceless automatons, right? As fas as the medal of Honor goes, that is all gallantry and pageantry. Propaganda. Keep eating it up.
  6. I'm a moron but you're a tool. Fact remains, he is as much a hero to you as the suicide bombers and Bin Laden are to extreme fundamentalist Muslims, as the SS and Heinrich Himmler were to the Nazis... Murderers and casualties of war. For examples of true courage see: Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi "True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason." -Alfred North Whitehead
  7. Excellent post F_M. This country is not viable without immigrants, legal or illegal. To me education is one of the most important issues we need to face. When the government throws away so much money in porkbarrel politics and war, why is education for illegals such a big issue. To put it bluntly - would you rather have these kids in the classroom, or trying to break into your car? (Not that they would, I'm just being facetious and trying to make a point)
  8. Yes, this is all hilarious... I don't want to offend anyone so I won't - but I heard this great story about this guy 2,000 years ago... I'll just leave it at that.
  9. And feloramirez is right. The whole system needs to be fixed. But thats not going to happen. The people who make the money dont want it fixed. And guess what. Its not the lawyers. 840847[/snapback] And that's why the government needs to step in and change it. Oh wait, what's that? These groups have lobbyists? With golf passes? In Scotland?? YES! Plus they'll pay a ridiculous amount of money for your house in San Diego *wink, wink* Dammit all to hell. :banghead :banghead :banghead 841536[/snapback] Part of me bangs my head with you and the other part of me looks at hte blogs and the internet as something that could seriously alter things. For example, some democratic congressman took a lot of flack for voting for the bankrupcy bill because of contributions from credit card companies and banks. Normally nobody would know. But the blogs made a big deal out of it. Democracy in action? 841581[/snapback] I guess... It's nigh near impossible to get real news from the standard media nowadays. So I guess the advent of blogs is a good omen, but still there is a lot of headbanging going on over here :confused :banghead :banghead :banghead
  10. Out of respect to F_M wishes, I'll refrain from responding even though I am very tempted. Instead I'll just leave you with this insightful little refrain: The insatiable thirst for power has made, Idols out of mortals, gods into clay, Soldiers into heros, children into slaves. All damned Desires, Their hopes betrayed.
  11. Everybody's a critic. 841592[/snapback] Seriously, lol. Lighten up :lol
  12. Nice guy too 840795[/snapback] hmmm....
  13. This guy didn't get a fair shot: Just WIN! Shriner to the rescue :notworthy :notworthy
  14. 1-Bench 2-Keep 3-Bench/Eat 4-Sell high 5-Sure, couldn't hurt 6-DESTROY
  15. And feloramirez is right. The whole system needs to be fixed. But thats not going to happen. The people who make the money dont want it fixed. And guess what. Its not the lawyers. 840847[/snapback] And that's why the government needs to step in and change it. Oh wait, what's that? These groups have lobbyists? With golf passes? In Scotland?? YES! Plus they'll pay a ridiculous amount of money for your house in San Diego *wink, wink* Dammit all to hell. :banghead :banghead :banghead
  16. god bless that man and god bless america 840759[/snapback] Yes, god bless murder.
  17. Tks for backing me up bro I was hoping you would :thumbup
  18. lol, yes I'm sure At least where I lived (Ann Arbor) there were tons of fine looking women there :o
  19. Too bad we acquired Cerrano in the off-season He changed his name to Delgado, but the likeness is amazing. :lol
  20. should of stayed here. More hot available women down in florida then icky detriot Not that I am looking if my girlfriend reads this 840597[/snapback] Obviously, my friend, you have *never* been to Michigan. I can assure you Pudge does not live *in* Detroit, but more likely in the nearby northern suburbs some of the richest areas in the U.S. Where there are large quantities of very good looking women. True, nothing close to Miami Beach, but still - no need to rat on Motown like that
  21. Not really of any consequence but here's some news on the story: July 4th, 2005 6:19 pm Rove Refusing Interviews on Plame Leak By E&P Staff / Editor & Publisher NEW YORK Two days after his lawyer confirmed that his name turned up as a source in Matthew Cooper's notes on the Valerie Plame/CIA case, top White House adviser Karl Rove refused to answer questions about the development today. Rove travelled with President Bush when he spoke at a July 4 event in West Virginia today, but refused all requests for interviews about his role in the controversy that threatens to send Cooper, of Time magazine, and Judith Miller of The New York Times to jail this week for refusing to reveal sources. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had called on Rove to clear the air on Sunday. "We've heard it from his lawyer, but it would be nice to hear it directly from Mr. Rove that he didn't leak the identity of Valerie Plame, and that he didn't direct anyone else to do such a dastardly thing," said Schumer. Outside the presidential rally in Morgantown, one protester made reference to the case, holding a sign that read: "Jail Karl Rove," according to a New York Times dispatch. Rove's lawyer has asserted that while he was interviewed by Cooper he was not the key source who revealed Plame's identity as a CIA agent. Rove's critics, however, suggest that he could be charged with perjury if he did not tell the truth about this to a grand jury. Several dozen other protesters demonstrated against the war in Iraq, the paper said, chanting, "Please support our troops, not the president!" But a large turnout for the president more than countered that.
  22. The problem is without research and development funds, these companies cannot create new products that can save live sor improve the quality of people's lives. I doubt however that a large percentage of what we pay actaully goes into that sector. Another problem is that in Florida the malpractice limitation laws have not really limited the # of frivolous lawsuits. Reforming the amount of money that can be awarded is still somehting that i think hasnt passed in florida. I know in 2004 a law was passed that limits how much the attorney can gain from a lawsuit, but it did not set a cap on the award itself 840447[/snapback] You're absolutely right there Cangelosi, and that is what keeps the industry afloat and at the head of the game. Sure, a lot of it goes to shareholders and CEO's, but that's the way the current system works and the price we pay for having some of the best research in the world. The problem lies with the healthcare system itself, which needs to be reworked completely because it is a total and complete mess.
  23. This was one of the stupidest of Kerry's ideas, laughable if you ask me. How in the hell did they ever expect this to work anyways. The entire medical system needs to be reworked top to bottom and this was just merely an attempt to mask the problem.
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