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  1. Fish4Life

    Stock market

    Just dropped another good chunk of money into FTR after today's massive plunge....
  2. Fish4Life

    Stock market

    ​Agree, I was tempted to sell some as well as it was a bit high on the + side, but didn't. Def a solid dividend player.
  3. Fish4Life

    Stock market

    Long term.. Have a good chunk of money in "FTR"
  4. Single - GordonDouble - YelichTriple - GordonHome Run - OzunaRun Batted In - MorseRun Scored - YelichWalk - StantonError - MorseStolen Base - Gordon Caught Stealing - HechWin - RamosLoss - Dunn​Save - Cishek
  5. "The Man in the Van" What a EXCELLENT piece and a very nice read... http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/12420393/top-blue-jays-prospect-daniel-norris-lives-own-code
  6. "Sources" are saying Lesnar to UFC after Wrestlemania is a "Done Deal." Roman or Rollins to hold the gold...
  7. Sneak Peek: Marlins 2015 Giveaway ScheduleMarlins.com/promotions Miami Marlins Magnetic 2015 Schedule | courtesy of Leon Medical Centers Opening Night – Monday, April 6th – All Fans Braves vs. Marlins No Photo Available (yet)! * * * * * 2 – Next up, always deemed the most practical giveaway of every Marlins season… Miami Marlins 2015 Calendar Sunday, April 12th – First 10,000 Fans Rays vs. Marlins No Photo Available (yet)! * * * * * 3 – A Gold Glove Award deserves a giveaway! Christian will get the real thing during pregame festivities on Opening Day, but fans can get this rep
  8. Its here: http://www.google.com/nexus/6/
  9. But the size rumors... Might be too big for me Exactly why I went with the MotoX. Was waiting for the Nexus6 (was on a Nexus4, loved it, just its time was up) But the rumors of the size is to crazy. MotoX is close as pure google youre going to get.
  10. Well, tis' the season for new mobile phones to drop. Anyone out there get a new device? Considering a new device? I just picked up the new MotoX (2nd Gen) and I must say this device is solid so far! All these phones heading to much larger screens I was hesitant but pulled the trigger and so far so go! Excited for Android L to drop as well... Anyone have any cool Marlins Mobile Wallpapers? Or any for that matter? Share em' here!
  11. I think you guys are letting a few hundred ABs where ground balls went where they ain't cloud your judgement. Casey's 2nd half: .237/.308/.305 Polanco last year: .260/.315/.302 So you're just erasing his 1st half? :huh:
  12. Alberto Del Rio has been released.
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