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  1. strike 3 for 3rd out....Webb had 3K's in the inning to go along with 2 hits, 2 hbp, and 2 ER
  2. another hbp...back to back...bases loaded, one out
  3. Webb iffy....groundball single, K, hit by pitch...still one out
  4. John Buck with a long drive to the wall...for out number 3...
  5. Announcers speculating on Lomo's early departure from the game...think Ozzie just taking it easy with him
  6. Villanueva still pitching....gotten behind on a few counts, with a BB and stolen base allowed...two outs...Hanley's made a few plays at 3rd base tonight
  7. nick green grounds into double play, inning over, Fish lead 4-3
  8. cousins fielder's choice rbi, kearns out at 2nd
  9. Gaby with a double off the 3rd baseman's glove...Yelich to 3rd
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