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  1. I didnt realize Luis wasn't on the playoff roster, but he gets a ring.
  2. As of right now, the only 2 players whose number's should be retired are Castillo and Sheffield. I'm wondering if Charles Johnson wouldn't make it into a "ring of honor" type thing. Franchises 1st pick ever, won gold gloves, won a WS ring, U. Miami ties, it's def. possible. But Luis should for sure. Won both titles, 1 of the few that did, Conine should too.
  3. not as a player, but as a "super star" He hit 300 with 30 HR's, that's not failing as a player, he just never seemed to be the 'star power' we needed/wanted.
  4. These FA's were per: http://mlbcontracts.blogspot.com/2002/02/2...ree-agents.html
  5. OK. Let's try to look at some 08 FA's w/ and w/o spending $ on someone. With C Jorge Posada (He's staying a Yankee) $ C Ken Johjima C Pudge Rodriguez (I think he stays AL to be able to DH) $ 1B Mark Teixeira ATL (hmmm, we'll have to see how he fares as a Brave, good fielding 1B) $ 1B Carlos Delgado NYM (Failed last time as a Marlin, in my mind) $ 1B Jason Giambi NYY (no way he goes NL) $ 1B Nomar Garciapara LAD (too injured) 2B/1B Jeff Kent LAD (Would play 1B for us) 3B Alex Rodriguez NYY (I'd assume a) we can't afford him no matter what and b) he's staying AL or going Cubs to play SS) $$ LF Moises Alou NYM (too old? AL Bound?) LF Adam Dunn CIN $ (too much $ for Hammer #'s) LF Raul Ibanez SEA $ (Could be a solid pick up) LF Barry Bonds SF $$ (Can't afford him, but he'd bring fans to the seats, can he play LF at all anymore? I see him in the AL as a DH like many do) CF/RF Ken Griffey Jr CIN $ (Could he or Hermida play LF?) RF Juan Encarnacion STL (See Griffey) SP Mark Prior (Cheap pick up but is his arm Kranitzed?) SP Oliver Perez NYM $ (resurgance year might make him too costly) SP Kris Benson BAL (I bet we'd get him and tits mcgee cheaper than Bal did) SP Orlando Hernandez NYM (old as hell but still throwing) CP Brad Lidge HOU (washed up closers are our bread and butter) CP David Weathers CIN (see above, but still has it a bit) RP Derek Turnbow MIL (see above-above) RP Kyle Farnsworth NYY (more a set-up man than closer, needs to pitch in a game after a junk-baller, not a heat thrower) CP/RP Tom Gordon PHI (Could be a good set-up man still) RP LaTroy Hawkins COL (I just like LaTroy)
  6. have nothing to lose I think he's saying Miller has his confidence to lose. If he's dominating the 7th now, don't move him in a wasted yr. If we were in the wild card hunt, by all means, move him to win games, but we're not. So spare his confidence. It's like rushing a QB along. Why if you're 0-6? Don't force him in if he's not ready.
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    Here's the link to my blog. Feel free to respond, you don't have to sign up. I started off writing for a paper and posting articles here, then I decided to write full time. http://justindd.blogspot.com/
  8. jdcane98


    I'd love to see him pick up 2B to be our Alex Cora, goes well with Boone at 1B/3B with regards to bench depth
  9. use a %/% as in "Chris Volstad 10%/50%" meaning 10% 07/50% 08. Josh Raynor Chris Coghlan (impressive digits but our guys are always good in low A) Graham Taylor Andrew Jenkins Gaby Sanchez Chris Volstad Ryan Tucker Aaron Thompson Brett Sinkbeil Todd Doolittle Lee Mitchell Gaby Hernandez (Can't wait to see his debut) John Gall Scott Seabol (Is he not bigs material? Because he's a minor league big time slugger) Chad Hermansen Val Pascucci Nate Field
  10. jdcane98


    Yeah that's why I was asking what would he get us... he's kind of eating a hole other than when Hanley gets sore/goes down with a minor injury. Could he be an Alex Cora or Miguel Cairo? I know Amezega is doing that right now, but Robby seems to have more upside.
  11. jdcane98


    Robby Andino's value has to be high right now. It's the AS break, there are a lot of injuries/underperformers. He's hitting 281 with 6 hrs and a 325 OBP in AAA. Someone has to want him out there, and he's never getting in there for us with Hanley there unless Robby moves to 2B. So can't we trade him away? What would he get us in return?
  12. We can't afford Uggla, Hanley, Olsen, Johnson, Willis, Cabrera and Willingham Where do all of these guys wind up? Uggla-Mets, they need a 2B and we've made good trading partners with them in the past. Hanley- Stays in town, he's the face of the franchise to come ala Cabrera/Willis. Olsen- I think someone overpays for Scotty, maybe the Mets who need young SP, maybe the Tigers to replace Kenny Rogers, or the Cubs with Prior and Wood being useless, the Dodgers love pitching. Willis- NY Yankees, they need a lefty in the rotation to replace Pettite after this year, I see this being an easy trade, we can get some of the prospects they have, wish we would've traded for Melky before he got hot. Cabrera- NY Yankees, maybe a double move? ARod is out of NY this year, and off to some low-expectation team where he can hide from October. Miggy could play 3B, LF, and DH in NY. Willingham- I see him in the AL playing some LF but mostly DHing. Toronto, LAAofA, Oakland, Chi WS, someone who loves to bring in older bats to play DH, but this time they'd get a younger version in the Hammer. I think he'd hit much much better as a DH.
  13. The Florida Collegiate Summer League?s Grand Slam Texas Hold em Poker Tournament will take place on Saturday, July 14 at O?Boys Barbecue in Winter Park. There is a $75 donation entry free which ends July 9 and an $85 fee that will be accepted for walkups. There will be many door prizes and gift bags for participants as well as a raffle. Food will be provided by O' Boys and is included in the donation. Learners table will start at 12:30pm. The tournament starts at 1 p.m. and is followed by the awards presentations and silent auction which begin at 4 p.m. To register, go online at: [link=]http://floridaleague.athleticsite.com/article.asp?articleID=72&refer=0[/link]
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