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    No need to respond to this since I will not be returning. Also, this is only meant for the people who having been doing this. STOP TROLLING ON OUR FAN BOARDS. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE MARLINS ARE IN FIRST (FOR NOW) BUT I FIND IT REALLY TACKY THAT SOME POSTERS FROM HERE ARE POSTING ON OUR BOARDS JUST TO BE ANNOYING. TOTALLY CLASSLESS. Again, this is only meant for those posters who are doing that. If you have no idea what I'm talking about... then this post doesn't pertain to you.
  2. Jim Thome is a beast Thome is my HERO!!! I :wub: him! :arms :arms :arms :arms :jump
  3. Phillies don't draw much more than we do considering how they have played and that they are "more established" and didn't have the firesale or the World Series for that matter. what are you talking about?? The Phillies after this season will have drawn well over 2 million fans. The Yankees draw around 3 million. I doubt the Marlins will draw anywhere near 2 million this season. I saw all 12 people who came out the first series against the Phillies in April. The first game at the Vet this season was a sell out. Again, that's not accurate information.
  4. Philly has the worst fans in sports. No question. they boo their star QB when he gets hurt. They boo a player one second, cheer him another. They need alot of Prozac. Burrell wasn't booed, and that was a nasty thing to say about Philly fans. Maybe if you lived here you could comment but you don't, so I hardly think it's fair that you make a judgement based on some ESPN highlights or what other people have said. We are very dedicated fans. Hey, at least we show up for games. HR Lieberthal. 7-2 Phillies.
  5. yes but phillie might use millwood instead of telemaco It will be Millwood... not Telemaco who is pitching on Thursday. Just wanted to give you a friendly "good luck" before the BATTLE begins. Regardless who comes out "on top", this is extremely exciting for both clubs and both sets of fans. As far as taking 2 out of 3 in Philly..... you'll need more than luck, you'll need a miracle. Remember you are coming into the PHILADELPHIA... the city of Brotherly SHOVE! The phans will be out to support the Phillies in droves this week, as the Eagles have sucked. :arms Go Phillies! :
  6. If I were a Philly fan, I would have jumped off the Benjamin Franklin Bridge today!!! Why? You Fish fans shoudn't get too cocky..... it could come back to bite you.
  7. I can. 1997. :lol well actually I can... 2001 for the Phillies.. we missed winning the NL East by a game. But we weren't able to win the WC, so it was a year I would rather forget... BUT still it was exciting. It appears that either our team or your team will come up short this year..... hopefully it's yours and not mine.
  8. Hey Rob! Nice seeing you over here again. You jerks couldn't lose tonight, huh? US Jerks? :w00t What about you jerks? :whistle We wanted a Marlins loss last night as well..... I'm just kidding about the "jerks" part.... man, September is wild isn't it?? I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching baseball..... Good luck tonight... but I hope the Phillies have a little more luck.... :thumbup
  9. GO PHILLIES!!! :arms Sorry guys... but you all know I lurk here... I just had to throw some support my team's way. Best of Luck to you! (But not too much luck.... :whistle )
  10. lol im just kidding with you? oh.... sorry... I really do come "in peace". If the Phillies don't win the WC, I would love to see you all win it. Keep it in the NL East!
  11. Duh your heart is in ur chest,inside your body! Not here to start anything.... I rarely post here.... just wishing you good luck in the WC race... it's been fun so far.......
  12. Mesa blows.......... BIG TIME........ :thumbdown :jackass :hanged :devil :guillotine Mesa is all the above and more. Can't wait to see the Marlins in Philly soon! Best of luck to you all in the WC race! But you know where my heart is!
  13. pulling Burrell for Ledee was very stupid You got that right............. :banghead
  14. Hi everyone! I lurk here but hardly post. We have ourselves a WC Race.... makes things exciting.... things are way too close to call what will happen. But it is sure to be a very FUN ride!!! Buckle up!
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