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  1. Michael Hill is such a terrible GM. How he has a job is truly beyond me. As has been stated time and again the Marlins problem is similar to that of the Angels. (except much worse due to the Marlins being flat out cheap). They have shit drafts. They refuse to get involved in the international market. They make generally speaking bad player deals (see last years trades). The Marlins are probably one of the most short sighted organizations in baseball, actually probably the most. Being so short sighted is why you see the Marlins where they are. Its truly sad. Its why Michael Hill should be fired and should be fired for cause. Any of you fans here, can probably general manage this team better than Michael Hill, even with the limitations imposed by that meddlesome owner, Jeffrey Loria.
  2. Marlins didn't really have a choice. It's a sellers' market. We could have held out until Monday and maybe gotten the arms needed, or just pulled the trigger now. I think everyone is shocked at the cost of doing business, but as we have seen, its really on par with the existing cost for talent acquisition. You either have to: a) sign talent b) draft talent c) trade for talent Marlins have not done a great job in drafting talent especially in rounds 3+ recently. Marlins have been absent from the international markets by and large. So you are forced to either sign talent (which wasnt done enough of last winter) And now you have to trade for talent. The names seem like a lot, but when you have a farm system rated as one of the bottom 3, its going to appear like more talent was traded away than really was. Problem is, Marlins try to do everything on a budget and a shoestring budget at that. Small market teams need to focus on talent procurement via drafting and international markets as this is cheaper than signing free agents. But the Marlins dont do that, mostly due to their knee jerk reactions and rarely having a long term plan that they actually stick to. It is what it is. Enjoy the winning now, because then raises are going to be happening, that will most likely be curtailed and as history has shown, firesales have rarely resulted in sustained success.
  3. GM

    Dave Magadan

    No. It's because he is a quality hitting coach who left the Rangers due to his desire to work closer to Florida. Playing for the Marlins was just conjecture.
  4. Most qualified candidate outside of the rumors that Jeff Loria wants to hire Mattingly once he is scapegoated out of Los Angeles. (Since Bud Black would rather entertain being a pitching coach over managing the Marlins)
  5. GM

    Dave Magadan

    Because Jeff Loria is a man of his word?
  6. Hiring Mike Redmond came at a time when managers were being hired with little to no experience. Mike Redmond actually had the MOST experience of managers hired in that period. Jeff Loria, being Jeff Loria pulled the plug too early on Redmond. You cannot hire a guy with little experience and expect him to be Mike Matheny, who is helped tremendously by the flat out depth of that organization (and willingness to spend money when needed). Now they are going to go after Admin Bowa (who was a terrible manager 10 years ago and I cant imagine him being more relatable to players now all of a sudden), or they will go after Don Mattingly because Jeff Loria knows him and likes him from his days as being a minority owner of the Yankees. There are worse guys, mostly due to Mattingly getting a raw deal in Los Angeles with that flawed roster, which wasn't his fault. I mean Christ, he pitched Kershaw and Grienke in 4 of the 5 games last series! He also made sure that Seager (most every day) was the starter and did so in a manner that didn't insult Jimmy Rollins like a bunch of other managers would have done. I'm still not a fan of Mattingly, but he isn't as bad in 2015 as he was in 2014 or 2013, et al.
  7. GM

    Dave Magadan

    Former Marlin, now available hitting coach. Jeff Loria would be wise to give his agent a call.
  8. It's a Jeff Loria type move that accomplishes nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Glad to see Jeff Loria has managed to do none of this. #1 and 2 aren't happening. There is no chance they will have a real budget to make #3 happen.
  10. I thought he was a baseball player.
  11. Imagine Yelich takes it as he is shitty and a part of the problem....
  12. What catchers in MLB have their initials on their mask? I honestly do not know. Please name them.
  13. who said anything about Stanton being the biggest problem on this team? I'm just saying that instead of opening his mouth and basically saying that the roster is by and large not good enough, maybe he should look in the mirror. Facts are when this season went to shit in May, Stanton was by and large complete and utter trash. Stanton gets the most attention because well, he is the highest paid player. He is a prima donna, facts are facts. He just needs to go out there and be an example for the team to follow, at the very least, not be terrible when things are worst and basically blame all others. And that's not even the main point of this topic anyway.
  14. What other players have ever had their initial on their face mask in any sport? He was a little bitch back in May when they were talking about the manager being fired. His comments today are a bit bitchy. He should focus on playing better (back in May) and actually getting back on the field now. He should be leading this team, not its biggest bitcher. A comment to the media like, hey we need to focus on the things we need to focus on to improve, we all need to do better would be the comment he should have made, not the we aren't good enough aka my teammates suck comment he made. That's not how you fucking lead your team, and as the highest paid player, you are a leader whether you want to be or not.
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