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  1. I had to check but this is indeed "Eulogio" de la Cruz. Pointless story but: when I first started to get into baseball he was our number 1 SP on MLB the Show 08. I had never heard of him and never got to see him pitch because back then Marlins games weren't available in my TV market and there was no streaming. R.I.P.
  2. Tampa Dunedin* Bay, dangit. Sorry guys I blew it.
  3. Toronto Blue Raptor Jays of Tampa Florida Bay
  4. Call to the pen and fansided as a whole are such jokes. I used to write for those dweebs and it was an awful experience. I’m sad any of you gave them any clicks.
  5. Say what you will about Joe but the few times I met him he was a really nice guy and even met up with me and a friend for a beer after a road game in Atlanta. All the best to him in retirement.
  6. Sigh. Looks like I'll be watching on my phone at my desk and sprinting home on Friday (my office closes at 4:30 on Fridays) if we make it to game 4.
  7. This is probably the first time in my life I'm bummed about working an office job. First time in my adult life the Marlins make the postseason, and I will get to watch none of it. Unless they advance to the next round, maybe.
  8. Nope. NBA and NHL have done amazing jobs with their bubbles, as evidenced by their virtually non-existant positives. The NFL and MLB should follow suit (NCAA is too unrealistic because of its sheer size) but I doubt the NFL is smart enough.
  9. That's a copypasta, the dude is just trolling. So don't worry we are still sitting comfortably at 16 fans.
  10. I like how we keep claiming players from a team that just had a COVID issue of their own...
  11. Man this team is gonna be fun for quite a few years. Wish my dad could've lived long enough to see all the changes in flux.
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