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Rune's greatest week


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I'm going down to my brothers in Philly for the week before Easter starting on Friday and from what I've seen already it shall be quite the week.


Friday: Go see one of his freinds and brothers play they wrote and designed then go see Liz Phair(Her new stuff is meh but if she mixes in anything of her old stuff, I'll be happy plus he got the tickets for free)


Saturday: All day movie day(Most likely Hell Boy, Jersey Girl, and Dawn of the dead) then most likely the highlight, going to see THe Crystal Method which will kick ass.


Sunday: A day of videogames and watching Wrestlemania 20(He didn't get to see it yet)


Then the rest is filled of The week if filled with Phillies games and whatever he has planned, with my birthday bunched up between there which he has something planned.


So I'll be away a total of 10 days, I may or not be on and if I am won't be that much.

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Wooo have fun!


Yea, Liz Phair has been meh lately. I like her first album. The Crystal Method is pretty damn cool too.


Let's see...


Tonight: FIU baseball game

Saturday: Off to Islands of Adventure

Sunday: Sleep and then at 2:30 I have to be at Tropical Park for a youth group meeting. Then I am going to Max's house and maybe sleep some more while I am there. :p

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