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Jason Phillips


he gets to start practically every day because he is going to play first most of the time and he qualifies at catcher.


So dont waste a high pick on a catcher because you think there isnt much depth. Wait to get one in a later round. I picked Phillips in the 21 rd(last round) of a 16 team league.

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Guest Juanky

San Diego pitchers.


Eaton, Peavy, Lawrence. They'll put up solid numbers and everyone forgets about them.


Also, if you can, see if you pick up Edwin Jackson in the last couple of rounds. Should be a nice rookie addition to the starting half of the staff.

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Also watch out for Sean Burroughs


he had a decent year last year with a decent avg but with a 356 obp. He is now going to hit leadoff for a team with players like mark loretta, Ryan Klesko, Brian Giles, Phil Nevin, and Jay Payton. Should provide you with good runs, hits, avg and obp(if that is a stat)

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A good late round guy is jose valverde. Mantei has been rumored in many trade talks and very injury prone. Valverde would be the guy if he gets traded or hurt.


Also if nothin happens to Mantei then Valverde is the setup man which will give you good ks((71 ks in 51 innings last year),era(2.02 era last year), whip(.99 last year), some wins, and occasional saves(10 last year) along with about 80 innings.

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I've got Phillips, Byrd, and a possible suprise Konerko on my team.


Byrd will be Utility until Nixon returns or Nixon may be traded but Byrd is in a very small group that is untouchable as I think he can very well be a 300 25HR guy and with Nixon, Abreu, Manny, Luis, and Juan "Computer pick" Gone(I'm thinking of releasing him outright), I have some awesome trade bait.

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