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  1. Hit - Cogs Double - Cogs Triple - Cogs HR - Ugs RBI - Ugs Run Scored - Cogs Stolen Base - Cogs Caught Stealing - HanRam Error - HanRam Win - Meyer 1 point
  2. Malman

    Jake Smolinski

    Thats great to hear, I hope he continues to do well and we'll see him at Jupiter soon. Any word on the other guy in the trade Dean? Not sure where he is right now. I haven't heard much about him other than he's possibly in extended spring training. That was a couple weeks ago though. Bizarre to say the least...hopefully Dean surfaces soon. Wonder if the Nats knew the guy was having problems and were happy to dump him on the Fish?
  3. :lol Hilarious...best comedy I've seen in quite a while. You won't be disappointed.
  4. Yes; I'm working on it. :cool Thx
  5. Can someone please update the newspaper links above? Would love to see NOLA and Jax included since we have switched affiliates. Thx
  6. Replaceable. Erick menitoned Will Ohman, who would be a great replacemant. Alan Embree?
  7. Malman


    It's also known as "Patriot Day," they could have done something. Exactly...if Admin freakin Walensky can do it...why can't those liberals at Google do the same??? :mis2
  8. Malman


    You'd think those motherf**kers would have put some sort of remberance on today's page? They commemorate every other half azz day throughout the year!!! :thumbdown
  9. I swear, you seem to think you're the only person that thinks our defense sucks. You like defense, we get it. I like it too, that's why I chose Luis Castillo's name for my user name on this board. Our current players aren't too good at defense, what can you do? You can keep hitting home runs... :whistle
  10. Frankie Goes to Albuquerque... :whistle
  11. How about a three team deal involving Texas? If one of their catching prospects were involved...it might be worth it. :mis2
  12. So far so good. Cantu with another bomb...too bad he didn't walk. :whistle
  13. I think Scotty Olsen and Willingham together should be traded after this year. They need to wait and see how Johnson/Anibal respond, if Volstad/Tucker can translate to 30 starts, and if Raynor/Burns/Jai/Carroll can take over LF. I can see a perfect scenario where we can get rid of Olsen because Anibal, Johnson, A. Miller, Volstad, and Tucker are ready to go, with Nolasco in the pen, and Hernandez, Trahern, and Thompson in the upper minors for added insurance. I don't think we can cover LF within the organization, or cheaply in free agency because of the need of OF stability because of the sure to be growing pains in CF with Maybin. They probably need to keep Hammer around for at least a year unless they acquire another significant LF. I think Jacobs (G. Sanchez), Cantu (MacPherson), Gregg, J. Miller, and Mitre (Owens, Cruz, and keeping around Waecther/Nelson/Gardner), have virtually no shot at being on the team next year. They'll be able to keep only around 7 of Olsen, Nolasco, Johnson, Amezaga, Ross, McPherson, Treanor, Hermida, Willingham, and Uggla, with a $30-35 million payroll. But some of those guys are going to have to get traded for cost reasons. It'll be interesting to see which way they go. Let's hope Beinfest has Jon Daniels on speed dial...I want one of those catchers inTexas!
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