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  1. JoeFrisaro #Marlins looks like game is being called for rain http://twitter.com/JoeFrisaro
  2. There is a new Florida Marlins 2010 app available for iPhones brought to us by the Miami Herald. I have the Miami Dolphins one and I really love it, so I'm expecting much of the same for this one. Just a heads up.
  3. I had to give it to Gaby for all the reasons previous Sanchez supporters have already mentioned. His 3-run homer after a long AB earlier in the game combined with his single (after another long AB) to start the 9th were the only reasons why we had a chance to win it at the end. Paulino and Cantu ate the dinner, but it was Gaby who set the table to begin with. I've really been impressed with Gaby so far this season. His patience is something the rest of the team should take note of.
  4. I live in Tampa so I'll be there!
  5. I think JJ's gonna show why he should have been the opening day starter tonight. I just have a feeling.
  6. Also added Wang from the Yankees to replace Garza.
  7. Traded Pujols and Michael Young for Hanley and Valverde, and traded Garza for D-Lee to replace Pujols. Added some much needed speed and saves.
  8. I actually got A-Rod in the 5th round..lol Manny in the second.
  9. I got the second pick and Hanley was taken first C - Brian McCann 1B - Albert Pujols 2B - Dan Uggla 3B - A-Rod (Jorge Cantu until he comes back) SS - Michael Young OF - Manny Ramirez OF - Jason Bay OF - Jermaine Dye Utl - Cameron Maybin (until A-Rod comes back, then Cantu will go here) BN - Mark DeRosa BN - Miguel Tejada BN - Jeremy Hermida SP - Ricky Nolasco SP - Josh Johnson SP - Chris Volstad SP - Matt Garza SP - Justin Verlander RP - Mariano Rivera RP - Carlos Marmol BN - Ben Sheets I like my infield a lot, especially once A-Rod gets back. I should get a lot of
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