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4/1 Smackdown


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Smackdown Thoughts:


Big Show/Rikishi was what you'd expect from two 350+ pound guys....The cruiserweight tag was all-right, but why are they pushing Spike so hard all of a sudden?....Haas/RVD was a pretty good match too, with an interesting finish....Booker T/Holly was okay. The thing with main-event style is that there's not alot that distinguishes one 6 minute match from another. They're all "good", or "okay".....The Dudleyz are STILL stale, and did they REALLY need to win this match?....


I understand that WWE wants more people to watch both brands, but this thing with showing the highlights is not really helping the "brand split" concept, IMO....Wow, Cena squashed two guys. Pretty big bump off the top for Nunzio, though....Angle was off tonight with his promos. They didn't seem real energized....Oh boy, Bradshaw and Eddy are fighting over a hat....Totally vanilla episode tonight.

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