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  1. I think this is absolutely the last chance that the Marlins have to prove to Stanton that they are moving in the right direction. If they can some how be competitive this year and start to push through on expectations and Loria mans up and actually decides to invest some real money into this team, then I think there is a good chance Stanton sticks around for years to come. Now another 100-loss season and another fire sale and we can start seeing Stanton jerseys going on deep sale before too long.
  2. Reading some of the comments to that article is a bit frustrating. Some ex-fans from Broward and Palm Beach chiming in on how terrible that part of town is and not wanting to park in someones yard and being fearful of their car being broken into. So they say they will never go tot hat part of town. That just leaves more parking for the rest of us that want to make the drive and watch the Marlins play. PLUS, the "ex-fans" will be the first ones in line come playoff time or World Series time when the Marlins look like they have a chance to win something. Its the bandwagon nature of South Florida.
  3. Here's hoping that whenever Loria does sell the team, that the next owner takes a wrecking ball to the thing and sends the remaining pieces back to Red Groom. Having said that it is still ugly as hell, but I can see it growing on some people over time.
  4. I would say 1993 only because without it, there would be no 2012. I would put them almost on equal footing though considering that this is almost like another expansion year for the Marlins being an all new beginning and everything.
  5. As Pitball stated nearly a DOZEN times last night, I'm from the 305. Miami-Dade.
  6. Mark Wiley and Andy Fox are gone, but its nice to see Fredi around for another year. :thumbup
  7. OK. When I go to the channel right now it freezes at the normal none HD game, and nothing happens. Is it working right now for you guys? Yeah its working for me now. Just in time to watch the last out of the game.
  8. Two suspensions well worth it. :thumbup
  9. Will the event be streamed online somewhere? I want to know this too. They would be stupid not to, but I haven't been able to find any information on it anywhere. If anything, they will probably record it and put it on the site later on.
  10. I just hate trading back for someone. It just feels like we failed Bonifacio is an epic fail. Not along the lines of Jorge Julio fail, but a failure nonetheless.
  11. As someone who took the plunge about a year ago, tomorrow will be the most stress filled, happiest day of your entire life and it will all be over before you know it. A little piece of advice to you and Max is to stop for a second and try to take it all in because it will happen so fast that it will be hard to remember it all later on. I don't know if that makes any sense, but you'll know what I mean later on. Congrats to you both again, I hope you both have a wonderful wedding and a beautiful life together and have fun on your honeymoon!
  12. Get a guy that will cost you next to nothing and will help to bolster your bullpen? You'd be absolutely nuts not to jump all over this!!
  13. En fuego! Hopefully these guys remember that there is still 5 months + left in the season though.
  14. Did it look anything like this? If so, then this is actually from the 2005 renderings when the plan was to have the Orange Bowl and the new Marlins stadium share a wall/superstructure. The below newer rendeirng is the best idea (as of right now) of what the interior will look like (in terms of the glasswork which will now wrap around the whole exterior plus the hanging scoreboard). It looks to me as if they're going away from the "Wavy" strucutral look from the earlier design, as well as the brick. The new renderings look to be very white/clean-looking. And of course, the centerfield feature, beach area and bermuda triangle are new additions. Another notable change in my book is that the new stadium looks to only have 1 club/suite level as opposed the previous 2. I'm willing to bet all of these changes were made in order to keep the cost down. This is what you were referring to.
  15. God I wish I got the MLB Network. :glare
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