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  1. charlie lowell is bringing a new definition to the word rusty
  2. gotta love mike redmonds idea to shake up the line up is putting fur cal and hech 1,2. How is hech not in the minors?
  3. they better not ever put brad hand back on this team again. cut your losses please
  4. very good to see conley back and rehabbing. i have very high hopes for him of at least becoming a very solid reliever.
  5. WOW this is literally everything i asked for in one of my posts in the last few weeks. Surprising that Wolf was DFA'd but he deserved it. I thought he would go to Slowey's role but wow the start of a new era. Hopefully Desclafani goes to the rotation too instead of Turner but if not he better be a late innings guy in the pen. Also when the hell is kevin gregg going to come up, not that I'm on pins and needles waiting for him but i feel like he's been getting ready for a while at this point. Finally solano is off the roster that has been a huge issue for a while now. Plain and simple our team got a lot better today.
  6. i cannot believe they are going with the #hitsmcgehee slogan
  7. Good point. I agree with you that he'll likely be better out of the pen, but I just don't see him being much more than another Kevin Slowey. he's already better than kevin slowey facing more batters in the rotation. Going to the bullpen would make him a lot more effective than slowey.
  8. Hopefully Flynn and Heaney are right behind him. Turner and Wolf out of the rotation, slowey DFA, Jennings back down, maybe trade Turner if you can get something of value.
  9. wow it would sure be nice if we stopped fucking around and actually was serious about making a playoff run instead of throwing Turner and Wolf out there as well as having Hech in the lineup, Solano on the roster and Dietrich in the minors.
  10. h2r09


    Heaney and either flynn or desclafani need to be in the rotation already. Flynn has nothing left to prove in AAA. He hasn't been as good as last year but last year he was spectacular considering the league he was in. Desclafani should be in the bullpen too.
  11. What Nolasco does this year or from here on out is irrelevant to whether it was a bad trade or not. They essentially gave Nolasco away for some really dreadful prospects to get out of picking up salary. They could have dealt him for a better return by taking on more money, or maximized the value by trading him earlier or closer to the deadline. If you are an mlb gm you are telling me you would give up any prospect of note for Ricky nolasco who is a free agent at the end of the year and was so very clearly going to be overpaid at the end of the year?
  12. love that DD is absolutely mashing after our stupid ass FO sent him down. he wasn't set down because he couldn't hit he was sent down because he was killing them defensively.
  13. h2r09

    Andrew Heaney Watch

    ya thats bullshit. super 2 deadline is passed and we have 2 maybe 3 guys that shouldn't be in our rotation. he will pitch sometime soon.
  14. Hech is probably the best SS in the organization. I don't like him either, but these other options being discussed suck, as well. I really thin kthe marlins need to just admit hech has been awful and let him work some stuff out in the minors while utilizing some of the guys who could make really nice platoon situations in the mean time at 1b 2b and SS. Something like 1B- Jones/Baker/ Bour with Jones always against righties and Baker against lefties and then hour off the bench 2B- Dietrich playing most days with Ed Lucas also getting a bit of time against lefties SS- Furcal and Ed Lucas could make for a good improvement if used correctly to Hech offensively enough to makeup for what might be not as good defensively. Dietrich is the only one of these guys who might be a long term starter on the team so they need to take advantage of platoons and we have a lot of options
  15. I just wrote the entire roster out and did the math and this is what i'm doing in order to stay in contention. Call up Fural and Dietrich when healthy and send Hech and Solano down to AAA to learn hot to hit more and at least get confidence. Go with lucas and furcal at SS with a Dietrich/Baker platoon at 2b with Dietrich playing a little more than Baker. In the bullpen Slowey needs to go and replace him with Wolf as the long man when Heaney gets called up. If Turner does not improve the next two times out i get hi out of here and replace him with either Flynn or Desclafani. I think both of them are ready to be ok at the major league level right now and Turner is just god awful. Finally im sending down Hatcher when Kevin Gregg is inevitably ready. So for the lineup it would then look like Yelich- LF Lucas/Furcal-SS Stanton-Right Dong Mcgehee- 3B Jones-1B Ozuna-CF Dietrich-2b Salty-C Rotation of: Eovaldi Alvarez Heaney Koehler Flynn/Desclafani And a bullpen of Cishek Dunn Ramos Morris Gregg Jennings Wolf-long man With a bench of Lucas/Furcal platoon Dietrich/Baker platoon Mathis Bour Reed Johnson That is a competitive team and to me looks a hell of a lot better than what we have right now. Guys who need to be improved if we are going to remain competitive: Slowey (Replaced with wolf), Wolf in the rotation(hes fine out of the pen as a long man), Hatcher, Jennings, Hech, KEvin Gregg the second his plane touches down in south florida. Guys who I think can be ready to make an impact in the second half of the year: Heaney, Flynn, Deslcafani and maybe jensen in september. Sorry I was just bored at work and was spit balling.
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