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Nationally broadcasted Marlins games


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4/16    7:30    @ Atlanta       TBS

4/17    7:00    @ Atlanta       TBS

4/18    1:00    @ Atlanta       TBS

4/23    7:30    Atlanta         TBS

4/24    6:00    Atlanta         TBS

4/25    8:00    Atlanta         ESPN

5/22    4:00    Arizona         FOX  (Or NYY @ TEX)

6/5     1:00    @ NY Mets       FOX  (Or PHI @ ATL, or DET @ MIN)

6/28    7:30    @ Atlanta       TBS

7/1     7:30    @ Atlanta       TBS

9/3     7:30    Chicago Cubs    WGN

9/5     3:00    Chicago Cubs    WGN

9/11    2:00    @ Chic Cubs     WGN

9/12    2:00    @ Chic Cubs     WGN

9/17    7:30    Atlanta         TBS

9/19    3:00    Atlanta         TBS

9/24    7:30    @ Atlanta       TBS

9/26    1:00    @ Atlanta       TBS


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We have a very poor Sunday schedule for nationally marketable games. Looking at games after June, I only see three possible games that could be nationally televised on ESPN as night games: July 11th against the Mets, and September 5th 12th against the Cubs. We only play the Phillies one Sunday (this coming Sunday), and after June we only play the Braves two more Sundays (19th and 26th of Sept.). Looks like the only game that really stands a chance of being rescheduled to a Sunday nighter is the Cubs :( .

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ESPN annonces there Sunday night schedule on a 2 week baises(sp). So you never know if a game down the stretch will be important and be on ESPN. I remeber last year our last series with the Phillies and the night we clinched the wild card were all on ESPN. But even when they are on ESPN I dont watch because there annoncers are nothing compared to Hutton and Casper (sp)

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