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RAW Thoughts:


Just Another Trips Interview, til Benjamin injected some life into the segment....Since when does the champ wrestle in the opening match?....I loved the Nitro music for Johnny Nitro. I couldn't put my finger on what the music was and where I'd heard it before til Johnny-boy came out....Eugene Dinsmore? Well, at least they saddled Regal with him. His facial expressions and responses should be hilarious....Didn't Jericho just beat Matt a few weeks ago?....Are they making the faces from the U.S (Jericho, Benoit) and the heels from Canada (Christian, Trish)?....


Good Mick interview, but I thought he was gonna pull out the hardcore belt from the box he had....The Trips/Benjamin match was a notch below last week's, but fine for the length it was....Nice to see where the women stand. Why did they hype this match at the beginning? Unless they were running short. And I think I see where Gail's been in her time off *wink**wink*...


Tajiri/Christian was too short to be anything worthwhile....The WWE is walking a VERY thin line with this Eugene character. I can imagine the fans booing the character too, if they find it offensive especially. That could be tough to take....Well, the rope broke. That's about the only interesting thing in the Kane/Rhyno match....Fine final segment (was Mick wearing JEANS?!?!?), and I love the backstage interaction the four guys had.

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Eugene is already one of my favorites. He's also supposed to be an awesome wrestler. It'll get old quick and WWE will get into some hot water, but hey, I've been entertained so far. As for the fans boogin stuff that's tasteless, never going to happen, this is WWE.


Also, the Benjamin stuff has been PERFECT. Benjamin/Batista is going to be awesome. So will Benjamin/Orton.


Also, Shawn Michaels is a big dork. He was piss poor in those backstage segments.

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