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Will it End??? 15 innings of brave cubs


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JD Drew caught a ball in foul territory letting a sac fly occur. What a moron.


Cubs 2-1

That was my thought. Why give them the go ahead run in the 15th inning? The next pitch could be strike 3.........


He must not have known he was in foul territory. He looked towards home plate once he got his feet set for the catch and throw. He should have realized it then.

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So since everyone documents everything that DLee does wrong I thought I'd point out that he had 3 walks in the first 9 innings, and then 2 hits in extra innings, one that would have scored the go ahead run, if Aramis Ramirez weren't a fatass, and the other got him in position to eventually score the winning run on a sac fly.


Oh, and he stole 2nd in extra innings to set up the guys behind him with one out.

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1 of those walks were intentional.

It's fun to make fun of Lee because it helps cover that we got the raw end of the deal. Yeah, it's unfair to him. But it's also unfair teams with their own stadiums, or TV channels and scalping companies can take our best players for prospects that they'll just end up signing later anyway. Lee is a slow starter, and I (and I think most of us) want to see him do well. Just not the Cubs.


Edit: Also we're sick and tired of everyone saying that Lee and Pudge and others were irreplacable and we stand no chance against the Phillies and Braves. Lee performed well, but not always when it counted. And Pudge didn't do **** from June 'til the playoffs (you know, the months we were winning).

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