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Fight Night


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First of all to compare this game to any of it's former Knockout Kings is unfair because this game blows them out of the water and unleashes the firing squad just in case.


Gameplay -- 10 times better than any former game, the punches are used by right analoag giving you actual angles to throw your punches out and it's much faster. for a hook, you swing the stick right and then fire up when ever you want to punch. Also with less controls being used for punches, it gives you much more access to blocking and using different angles. Also it's much easier now to throw your combo's and easier to punch while crouching or in another position.


Fighters -- Much better selection and great fighters, no more cheap unknown fighters taking up space as was the case in KK 2002, along with some of the old faces(Mosely, Trinidad, Holyfield, Ali, Fraizer among others) they have added a great array of new fighters, Mickey Ward, Gatti, Barrera(even with the pac man loss it's a great gain) almost any big featherweight fighter you can think of but the biggest gain is Roy Jones JR. You can fight with him as a heavy or light heavy plus many more fighters were added to the game even with some young prospects(Jermain Taylor, Jeff Lacy and a few others).


Career Mode - Probably the greatest improvement is the career mode, no more ladder mode where you fight off and on and nothing else comes into play. Now money, venues, and levels of opponent all come into play. I'm still playing early on in the career but you have to schedule your own fights and your given offers some for more money and higher rated fighters but their's a catch. Early in the career, some of the venues your fighting at our far from conventional matches, some of them are sponsored by wealthy fans who expect you to slug it out while some of the other venues are for less money but less demanding. This is a mode that will not take you a few nights to dominate, career length will come into play along with money and bumps in the rode on your way to a championship.


9.5 out of 10

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