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Raw 4/12


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RAW Thoughts:


Foley's promo was good. Jeans two-weeks in a row for Mick!....C'mon Foley, you already used the Gibosn joke....Grandmaster Sexay was actually a surprise. It's kind of nice, cuz usually the internet breaks the news on a new wrestler, so it was cool being surprised for once. "I'll s*** my pants if GMS comes out" I said when the music played. I learned my lesson. He'd be a decent addition to Smackdown (c'weight, Too Much reunion), but here, he seems wasted....


We played the guessing game as to who the ninja was, but I shouted out "Al Snow!" when the first mask came off, cuz it reminded me of Shinobi for some reason....Nice of them to give each guy in the triple-threat match a pre-taped promo. Gave it a big-match feel....I'm glad they didn't give Lita that mic time. The match was bad enough....The post-match beat-down bordered on Evolution-ish in length....


Ah, Eugene. You've grown on me....Edge promo was okay, but I'm not as amped about his return as some people are....The Grenier/Hurricane match was surprisingly watchable....REAL good 8-man action. I was hoping for a double super-kick on Trips as he stood on the apron to close the show....REAL HOT CROWD too, and it helped.

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I got gipped! No Eugene match! B.S. I say.


Anyways, show was good. Dave Batista was looking good but not in the match enough! Plus, no Dave-bomb! QUIT HOLDING DOWN DAVE WWE!


All Dave stuff aside, it was very solid. Christan RULEZ!


And next we we can look forward to a Eugene match FOR SURE!

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The main event was really good, it kept the action up the entire match.

Also the Eugune promos were funny.

I'm still trying to decide wheter or not to order Backlash on Sunday, there are some matches I really want to see, but I dont know if its worth the money.

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