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Yankees To Mail Back World Series Trophy


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Yankees To Mail Back World Series Trophy


The 2004 World Champion Yankees can no longer hold this name, because they are now merely the 2003 AL Champions with the mailing back of the World Series Trophy. Their dismal 5-6 start makes it only all too sure that they do not even have a shot at wild card. Meanwhile, teams like the Detroit tigers are vying for the AL Pennant and teams like the Blue Jays are going to be the 2003 Tigers.


Eleven games in the season has passed and therefore 7% of the season has passed, and 7% of the Yankees' season is absolutely horrible. The team leader in batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS is minor league call up Bubba Crosby. Meanwhile the following all stars (and Enrique Wilson) are batting below .240: Ruben Sierra (.111), Enrique Wilson (.156), Kenny Lofton (.167), Alex Rodriguez (.171), Tony Clark (.200), Bernie Williams (.207), Hideki Matsui (.211), Jason Giambi (.214), Gary Sheffield (.237), and Derek Jeter (.239).


Jorge Posada is batting .257, and yes Bubba Crosby and John Flaherty are in contention for the batting title (.400 and .333 respectively.) When a player bats about .240 for two weeks it is called a slump, when a whole DAMN TEAM bats below .240 it is called a BIG ASS slump. It is simply ridiculous that a team with a career batting average close to .300 has not one star or regular besides Jorge Posada batting above .240 after 11 games.


Will the Yankees be like this the rest of the season? Quite simply, there is no way the Yankees can maintain a close to .500 team record when it has 3 starters with ERAs above 5. However in reality, the bullpen is not doing all that bad and it is simply impossible for a team of such raw talent to underperform this bad forever...and yes, they are only 1.5 games out of first place. Nonetheless, the ineptitude of the Yankee regulars is not acceptable, because of the improbability of so many great players doing so bad.


The NY media's love affair with Don Mattingly the hitting coach might end and they might accuse players of not being able to handle the pressure, but here's a little secret... When you get a bunch of aristocrats onto a team, they are simply not hungry. "Oops, I botched that play, but hey, A Rod, Giambi, and Sheff are up." Everyone starts getting the mentality that wins just happen, not that you actually have to earn them. Sre, I really don't know this, but these guys aren't playing hungry, they lost the eye of the tiger (remember when Giambi had that in Oakland?). What the Yankees need to do is hire Apollo Creed to get that eye of the tiger back, but sadly he doesn't exist.


Jose Contreras is on the mound today against the Red Sox and typically "Boston owns Contreras." So unless some of the latifundistas like A Rod get off their ass and do something, the Yankees will again be an embarrassment. Steinbrenner made it a failure unless the Yankees do it all and I'm not sure if the NY fan base can handle it for a prolonged period. No team can ever be perfect, look at the 2001-2003 Mets. However, Boston and the Yankees developed some of the best teams on paper ever. I just find it hard to believe that the Yankees can be so much worse than "the paper" dictates.


It is only 11 games, but jeez, get Crosby in the lineup! Lastly, just let me note I'm sure the Yankees will start to bat above .240...eventually.



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I know it's early dude! I'm just angry at the offensive slump...the MEGA slump in fact. Our team is made to be so great, anything less is an embarrasment (because we spent so much money.)


We're only 1.5 games out (not bad at all), it is early yet, but I would like to see Bubba get some playing time...

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