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Just did this trade


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I got Alex Rodriguez, Tim Hudson, and David Ortiz. I traded Rafael Furcal, Magglio Ordonez (ouch), Adam Dunn, and Wade Miller. With the extra spot I picked up Jacque Jones. I did this trade because it allowed me to get Lance Berkman off my bench (yeah, I'm stacked on offense) and also to bolster my pitching staff.


Basically, now I'm starting


Alex Rodriguez

David Ortiz

Lance Berkman

Tim Hudson


instead of


Rafael Furcal

Adam Dunn

Magglio Ordonez

Wade Miller


Good? Bad?



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Guest Juanky

Pretty even overall, I'd say it works out for you in the long run because Hudson is a more reliable pitcher and while Magglio is the second best player in the AL Central Ortiz isn't too shabby and the Ortiz + Berkman combo is better IMO just slightly than the Ordo?ez + Dunn combo, plus you have AROD over Furcal which right now doesn't look right but will be a HUGE plus.


This slump by AROD is awesome for GMs who are aware enough to steal a free first round pick for cheap (essentially what you are doing by taking AROD).

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