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Congressman caught with handgun


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Others have been arrested (sometimes unnecessarily) for attempting to smuggle banned (albeit less deadly) items onto an airplane, but the Congressman was "briefly detained." He explained that he grabbed the wrong bag and forgot that the bag contained a gun. An honest mistake, no doubt, but one that would cause most people more grief than a brief detention. Moral of the story: It pays to be a Congressman.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. ? Rep. John Hostettler (search) of Indiana was briefly detained Tuesday when airport security workers found a handgun in his briefcase as he was going through a checkpoint on a trip back to Washington.




The five-term Republican congressman was released after he was issued a citation by airport police for a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed deadly weapon. The charge carries a maximum year in jail and up to a $500 fine.


Hostettler was preparing to board a US Airways (search) flight at Louisville International Airport when the gun was found, said his press secretary Michael Jahr.


"Apparently the congressman had left a handgun in his briefcase and forgot it was in there and took it to the security checkpoint (search), where it was detected, and they detained him briefly to make sure he had no ill intent as they should do," Jahr said.


Hostettler is an avid sportsman and has a permit for the weapon, Jahr said.


Ann Davis, a spokeswoman for the federal Transportation Security Administration (search), said screeners at the airport intercepted a loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun from a passenger's carry-on luggage about 10:45 a.m., but would not confirm that Hostettler was involved.


Hostettler has represented his district in southwestern Indiana since 1995 and is seeking re-election this year to a sixth term.

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Who cares?? Not me.

current event dood. Its also mentioned in other stories how people caught for the same thing get sentenced to 15 years.



Not to mention your a Republican and probably love guns. :o I'm no NRA supporter. Yes, it pays to be a congressman. He made a mistake but he posed no security risk.

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I've got a friend who accidentally brought in a HUGE knife (about the size of a machete but a little smaller because he couldnt feel it in the bag, but an actual knife i.e. sharp as hell) in a backpack. Apparently he forgot to put it in another bag (they were going to Costa Rica). Anyway, when they found it, security just kinda laughed it off, and shipped it to the Costa Rica site.


A handgun is on par with a knife with probably about an 10-12 inch blade.

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